Monday, December 17, 2018

November Days

Visiting cousins at Aunt Sarah's house for Thanksgiving

We went to visit Derek's house in Pittsburgh on the way back to our house and got to ride the incline

It was very cool to see the machinery underneath pulling it up the hill!

Pretty view of Pittsburgh at night

We celebrated Cheyenne's 8th birthday at Uncle Derek's apartment. Her cupcakes were in the shape of an 8 :) 

We celebrated Ephraim's birthday quickly before we left for Thanksgiving. He turned 5!
His birthday toy that he loves

Cheyenne's birthday toy, one of those knock-off American girl dolls.

A pilgrim and an Indian after their preschool Thanksgiving feast

A friend at church gave us this old book with pioneer stories in it for the kids. I saw Ephraim flipping threw it at church and low and behold I saw my own ancestor's story in it! So cool!

Pictures of Cheyenne from her class' instagram page

 Canned food drive

I took a cute picture of the kids to announce that they have a little sister coming!

Delaney's play from the first weekend in November. It was a play about the Big Bad Wolf being on trial, and Delaney was the Fairy Godmother's "Intern."

They were reading Flat Stanley at school at the time, so Cheyenne brought her Flat Sibling along to the play.

Loved this quote


My cute Thanksgiving wall with crafts the kids have made



On a date with Delaney one night with a design she made. She is a smart girl! Working on these goals.

I might be a little biased, but I sure think Frank is cute!

On the two days a week that Frank has preschool he usually gets out a few minutes before Ephraim. So he waits like a little puppy at Ephraim's class door and then proceeds to hold his hand as he walks down the gym toward me. It is seriously the cutest thing ever.


  1. Sure love these darling kids! Grandma

  2. Cute kids! That story about Matilda really is so cool, no wonder they have it in a book!