Saturday, December 29, 2018

2018 Snapshot

IN 2018
-We went to the Strawberry Festival in Buckhannon, WV
-Visited our last state park inn: McCormick's Creek State Park
-We bought a trampoline
-Drove out West to see family (including Utah, Colorado, and Arkansas)
-Saw the Grand Canyon
-Cheyenne started 2nd grade, Delaney 1st
-Cheyenne and Delaney both played soccer
-We found out we were having Baby #5-- a girl
-Thanksgiving this year was in WV with Sarah and Derek
-Cheyenne got baptized

As always, I like to remember that this is just a highlights list. Social media makes it so hard to see how "normal" everyone's lives are. These are just pictures and don't capture all the whining, crying, fighting, messes, meltdowns (from kids and parents), and problems that are part of every family's real life.

My favorite posts/things I learned from 2018

I've been doing these fun snapshots since 2012!

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  1. Congrats on baby #5, Ashley! You are amazing! That's so exciting!