Monday, November 19, 2018

October Days

Mermaid and sailor

Two skeletons

Make that four skeletons ;)

He was such a hit on trick-or-treating night

My friend snapped this of Frank climbing things on the porch

I think Ben loved these teeth we got as a General Conference surprise as much as the kids

When we went to our gender reveal ultrasound

I got this block game for my little engineer Ephraim and he found lots of ways to use them. We love the game by the way.

One time when I picked up my Clicklist at Kroger, the substiuted these rolls for my favorite Rhodes rolls. These kind are precooked and only take 5 minutes to heat up, and although they don't taste the same my family really liked them.

Delaney's last day of soccer

Here is a Ben Dilsaver story for you. Ben saw this four wheeler out in somebody's trash pile on our road. He knew he could fix it, so he picked it up and brought it home. He bought a new motor for it and it works like new. The kids love it, especially Frank and Ephraim.

Beautiful morning in the backyard

Took the boys to the pumpkin patch with their preschool. It was a very rainy day but they still had fun

Over Fall Break, I took the kids on a daytrip to a state park not far from here. It was pretty cold so it didn't last long, but it was pretty and a nice memory.


When does this phase end?

I thought this floral arrangement at the temple around Halloween was so pretty

More Frank destruction

He was SO adorable with this huge teddy bear at the library

Watching An American Tale during Fall Break

Google Photos did one of those "Remember this day?" things. Feels like a lifetime ago when we had just those two cute baby girls!

Grandma made us popcorn balls when she came to visit! The kids loved them

He is fast on that thing!

The boys have been really into making forts lately. It's so cute when they play together

My mom is always telling her grandkids this and then I saw this shirt at Walmart!

Family Bike Night at the school

A wig from the dress-up stuff

Bug parade. I have a spider and a bumblebee

Must be Fall-- pretty leaves and rain

Our Halloween wall with crafts the kids have made over the years

Some friends gave us all their old dress up clothes, toy food, and old Polly Pockets. The kids were heaven and played with it all day everyday during Fall Break.

Hi Carolyn! (Thanks Frank)

Holding Delaney when she was sad

School pictures

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  1. Cute kids! Frank is naughty, you are so patient with him - good job!