Friday, November 2, 2018

My new way of doing goals that I'm excited about

Hey guys I wanted to check-in with you on where I'm at with goals lately. Here are a few things I've learned.

 I really loved using Powersheets, but after a few months I started to notice I had only made about 5% progress when I wanted to be making 50% progress on some basic habits I had been hoping to implement into my life. I felt like I was making the same goals over and over again, and still not achieving anything. I still love Powersheets, but maybe it wasn't the right fit for me.

The Sacrament
A few months ago I had a piercing thought that hasn't left me. While I have been trying to improve myself, I had forgotten something I already do that could greatly help me on my quest. I have an incredible tool for change I already use every week: the sacrament. In our church, each week we have the opportunity to partake of bread and water as a symbolism of our commitment to Jesus Christ, and a chance to repent of sins from the past week and change our hearts to be focused more on Jesus Christ for the following week. I had been making temporal goals without Heaven's help. But to Jesus Christ, everything is spiritual and all real improvement will lead us back to Him. So if I wanted to see real "improvement" I needed to include my Savior in my goals, and use His tools to get back to Him.

Personal Progress
Another thought that I've had in the back of my mind for many years is the notion of an adult personal progress. In our church, the young women in our church (12 to 18 years old) have the opportunity to complete a certain number of self-improvement/service experiences in order to earn a special necklace. While I don't plan on buying myself a special necklace, I thought that creating a paired-down simple personal progress program for myself would be a great way to include the Savior in my goals, and allow me to see real measurable progress towards things that are important to me.

Benefits to my own Personal Progress Goal Program
-I can work and focus on one thing at a time vs. being overwhelmed with all the things I want to change about myself

-Goals go in one or two-week increments, meaning I can put in a lot of effort to ensure I meet a short deadline, rather than spreading it out over a month and hoping I don't miss too many times.

-I can look back and see that I accomplished some things, rather than seeing minuscule progress over a large period of time.

Without further ado, here are my goals

My faith goals
1. Study The Living Christ over one month
2. Read the Book of Mormon all the way through looking for references to Jesus Christ
3. Make a hard choice everyday for a week

My organization goals
1. Work on organizing something everyday for one week
2. Keep my room clean for 10 days
3. Teach Cheyenne how to load the dishwasher in one month

My service goals
1. Pray for my ministering sisters everyday for 10 days and write down my impressions

My health goals
1. Only eat treats on Fridays for one month
2. Exercise for 10 minutes everyday for two weeks

My prayer & scripture reading goals
1. Have a meaningful prayer everyday for one week
2. Study my scriptures for 15 minutes everyday for one week
3. Write in my prayer journal once a week for 1 month
4. Prepare for the sacrament each Saturday for 1 month

My family goals
1. Host another family appreciation week
2. Do a daily date with one of my kids everyday for a week

My Unplugged Goals
1. Spend less than 1 hour on my phone a day for one week. Study my scriptures and conference talks for that week focused on what I can gain from being less plugged in.
2. Only pick up my phone 20 times a day for one week

I plan on giving myself 4 months to finish, and then I can reevaluate and decide what I want to do in the future. These goals are all pretty basic, but mostly I just want to see if this works and if I like it!

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