Wednesday, November 7, 2018

Baby #5

We are very excited to have a baby join our family, due April 2nd. This baby girl will most likely be our last baby.

When comes to children, if you have the blessing to plan, how do you decide to keep going? Or how do you decide to stop?

A conversation I had with my mom over a year ago has really guided my thinking. As I talked through with my mom and dad the decisions and challenges they faced while deciding to have 11 children, something my mom said helped me understand what was required of me.

I asked her why she desired to have a dozen children when some women don't have a desire for a big family at all. What made her keep going? She said simply, "I felt compelled to."

That is how I felt with Baby #5. I felt compelled to keep going.

While I felt compelled to have baby #5, I also feel content that it is okay to stop now. I can pinpoint a day last spring when I felt that confirmation that I should be content with five children.

I am grateful for the children that have been sent to our family and the opportunity to raise a big family here on earth.

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