Monday, September 3, 2018

August Days

First day of school!

1st grader

2nd grader

Saying goodbye to dad before he left for work

Let's back up to the beginning of the month!

Back to School Night and meeting their teachers

My brother stopped here as he was driving out to Pennsylvania for grad school. It was so fun to see them for just a little bit!

Soaking up the end of summer... one morning the kids layed around and listened to an ENTIRE audiobook for like 4 hours. I guess you can do that in the summer!

Frank, up to no good

Selling lemonade

Saying goodbye to Dad before work

Clothes all laid out for the first day!

Frank waking up snuggly from his nap

We love these Primary kids at church!

Hanging out with my sweetheart on a Sunday afternoon

Delaney (and Cheyenne) both started soccer

Now I just hang out with my two buddies during the day!

I had to text Ben a picture of the living room when it was clean to remind myself that sometimes it is clean. Life with Frank is very messy, we've been struggling lately

The boys had their first day of preschool and we went out to Steak'n'Shake to celebrate!

Frank got a gumball at the end and he reminded me of the trick gum from Pee Wee Herman's Great Adventure

Sorry gross picture but we watched that movie so many times as kids!

Cheyenne's been having a lot of soccer games lately so I went to this one by myself and Ben sent me this to let me know what he was up to

I know it's ridiculous that we don't have a tv and lots of times we end up watching stuff on our phones but it's obviously worth it just for the cute pictures! Ha ha!

This is hard to see but our kids love waiting by our fence when they see our neighbor Louie. He always brings them suckers from the bank!

Oh Frank!!

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