Thursday, July 12, 2018

The Great Road Trip of 2018 Part 2: St. George, Utah

In January my parents began a one-year mission to St. George, Utah. Here they serve as tour guides in the St. George Temple Visitor's Center and other St. George church history sites. If you happen to be in the area, please stop and tell them hello! They would love it. Visitor's Centers and church history sites are open to all people, and missionaries serve there to answer questions anyone might have.

We first stopped to visit my parents as tour guides to the Brigham Young Winter Home. My sister Haley was also visiting my parents with her three kids, so we had quite a party! 

The green trim is a nice contrast from the pink on their summer home, don't you think?

Loved seeing Mom in her element as a tour guide. She knew lots of facts and had everything memorized. St. George gets a lot of visitors, so she's practiced this a lot!

Brigham Young's hat and cane! Brigham Young was the second prophet of our church, back in 1847!

I was loving the hollyhocks

Mom & Dad have a cute little apartment for missionaries close to the temple

Cute little Abby! She is close to Frank's age



Two cute girls waiting for Grandpa to give them a treat

Leslie has doe-like eyes!

St. George has some seriously fun splash pads. They have to because it was 106 degrees when we were there!

And a totally fun carousel with $1 rides!

One day we went on a hike in the Red Cliffs. It was 90 degrees at 9am!

The hike was so hot we lived for these moments under shade trees

Back in town, we went to see my parents' other stomping ground, the Visitor's Center.

The St. George Temple was so so gorgeous up close. It's the oldest operating temple in the church!

Loved the soft light as we returned to the apartment

More hollyhocks! We went and saw the last place they give tours, the Jacob Hamblin Home.

Dad showed us some desert gardens

He also showed us around the grounds of Tuacahn-- a massive outdoor theatre right against the red rocks. Don't you think it'd be fun to see a show there?

Sure will miss all these guys!! Next stop: The Grand Canyon, Colorado, and Arkansas!

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