Thursday, July 12, 2018

The Great Road Trip of 2018 Part 1: Bountiful, Orem, & Payson, Utah

We left Indiana close to 8pm and drove all through the night and day to arrive at my sister Bethany's house in Bountiful, UT 24 hours later at 7pm.

We had fun walking along Lagoon trail one morning

The cottonwood trees, plus the fairy houses hung randomly along the walk made it look so magical!

On the way back, we saw the church where the Primary was first organized (the children's organization at our church)!

That evening we went to the Treehouse Museum.
Ephraim was so proud he did this puzzle with his dad

President Ephraim!

The next day we explored the This Is the Place Park.
And I didn't realize I had a smudge on my lens protector until we left the park :(.

This is the Brigham Young Summer Home. I actually loved it. It was pretty cool to see this because when we went to St. George to visit my parents, we saw Brigham Young's Winter Home. Pretty fun!
It is so big and they loved to throw parties here. And it's pink! I guess back then pink was a masculine color. And the ground are beautiful.

All the windows had these darling gridscapes on them. It was so quaint and charming.

Transom windows were in every doorway and they were such a pretty blue. I loved it! The house was such a happy place

This is a replica of the Pine Valley Church which is located near St. George, Utah (where my parents live currently). My parents had just visited the real Pine Valley Church so we thought this was so cool!

My nephew Charlie is obsessed with sharks and I couldn't get over how cute this picture was he drew for the fridge!

We got to see my sister Cassidy and I got a picture with her darling baby, Rose!

Sunday afternoon we picked up my cousin Alan, so I got to sit in the back with the girls and they thought it was so cool

We visited my brother Dillon in Payson.

Next stop: St. George, Utah!

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