Tuesday, July 10, 2018

June Days

One of our bucket list items was to go and visit the covered bridge at a park here in town. You can see from Delaney's face (above) that she loved this activity (not!).

These kids have been living in the swimsuits over here. This picture was after swimming lessons at the beginning of the month

A beautiful morning after I went on a bike ride

A fun free slip-n-slide at the local park

Ben has fond memories making ice cream in the summer and asked for an ice cream maker for Father's Day. The kids loved doing it and spending time with their dad!

Ben and I celebrated our 9 year anniversary at a steakhouse of course (Ben loves steak!). Love that guy!

Fun to look through old pictures from our wedding day. My very first blog post on this blog was my wedding pictures!

Some friends dropped off this old playset and my kids have been LOVING it. It really made Ben & I step back as we thought about the fact that someday, like this couple who gave us this playset, our kids will be old enough to not use a playset. It seems so far away, like another life to imagine that.

The girls had soccer camp this month for a week in the mornings and loved it. This was crazy hair day. 

They loved Cheyenne's hair (with a cup in it, which she took out when she played). She won an award for it!

Crazy sock day

Not sure who took this picture, but some nights this happens. The living room is a mess, both of us too tired to clean it up, and trying to get some work done on our computers and get the kids to stay in their rooms. Part of the reason I need to work on bedtime!

These boys love playing horsie

Cheyenne showing me something on the laptop

Making fresh-squeezed orange juice. The kids loved doing this.

I found this on my phone. Four cute friends. My girls and our neighbor girls, Mackenzie and Sophia. They spend a lot of time with them.

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