Sunday, June 17, 2018

Social Media Free Summer

A few Sundays ago President Nelson asked the youth of our church to take a 7-day social media fast. I decided to join in. I wanted to write down what I learned and what I've decided to do next.

When I am off social media

-I am happier. I'm not comparing myself against others.
-I feel free
-I get more done
-I use my free time the way I actually want to

I don't even have social media on my phone, I can only check it on my laptop. So that only ends up happening during lunchtime and after bedtime. I don't even follow accounts that make me feel bad about myself, it's mainly my friends. So it's amazing what a time zapper and mood trap it can be on any level!

I got back on it this past week and realized I didn't miss it. The way we have our summer planned out we should be busy and happy, and I, personally, won't have much downtime (which is ok in seasons!). So I've decided to stay off for the rest of the summer!

Fully present for my kids for the whole summer, enjoying the moments we are having rather than the ones we aren't, and using my free time the way I really want to! It sounds divine. It's not to say I will never be on there. Even during my seven-day fast a few weeks ago, I had a few emergency scheduling things where I needed to get on Facebook. And I will still be posting on my blog, and when I update my blog I will post on Facebook and (sometimes) Instagram. But I'm saying 'no' to scrolling. Want to try it with me?

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  1. Yes! I do. I did the fast too and have felt so much better. I may still allow myself to read your blog though :) since it inspires me so much!