Wednesday, June 20, 2018


No, it's not Cheyenne's birthday or any type of special occasion, I just loved the way she looked on Sunday and I wanted to always remember how pretty she is. She has beautiful clear eyes and golden hair. Her skin is smooth and she has a beautiful smile. She looks innocent and wholesome, happy.

What a gift children are. I'm so grateful to have young children in my life. They offer a gentle reminder about what we are trying to be, and the One we are trying to be like.  I think the adult form of innocence is purity. We may not be able to turn back the hands of time and un-live the experiences of our life, but we can, through our choices, decide to make our own thoughts and actions pure.

Things I love about Cheyenne, at age 7.5:

-She is mature for her age, and observant of what is going on around her

-She works hard without me nagging at her

-She is obedient and well behaved

-She is interested in changing, learning, and getting better

-She is social and likes talking to people and making new friends

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