Thursday, May 24, 2018

Strawberry Festival

After my first attempt to visit my sister over Spring Break (that apparently wasn't meant to be!), we made plans to visit Sarah during their town's Strawberry Festival.

No, their town, Buckhannon, West Virginia, is not known for strawberries. I'm not sure how it got it's name. But the festival is a big deal in their town, even in the state. It involves multiple parades over several days, a day off of school, and other activities. High school bands even come from out of state just to perform in the parade!

My brother-in-law Matt owns a dental office there, and they put on the 'Strawberry Mile' every year. It's a cute fun run for kids. So our kids got to run in the race and Cheyenne got some dental work done (the perks of having a dentist as a brother-in-law! Thanks a million Matt!).

Delaney won second place in her age group (6 and under)! But we didn't think we would win anything, so we had already gotten the kids situated a the parade, so Cheyenne accepted the award for her. Ha!

Loved seeing little Delaney coming in, with my sweet niece Merrody

Love that little tongue out!

Poor Cheyenne got a side ache. Here she is walking with Merrody's sweet friend Emma

Not sure why this band was in costume... but I bet they were HOT! It was so hot that day

Ben (and Ephraim) were loving all the tractors in the parade

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