Monday, May 7, 2018


My daughters are such a gift to me. I love having daughters.

I love having two girls close together in particular-- it reminds me of my days of growing up. My older sisters Haley and Whitney and I used to play for hours together when we were little. Then, as we got older,  we swapped stories about boys we liked and stayed up too late talking in our room. When I see my girls playing together I think of my own experience, and I'm grateful I can give that to them.

I love having girls because I get them. Even though I am an adult woman we still like the same things-- pretty things, planning things, dreaming about the future. I can pick out a picture book at the library that I like and I know my girls will like it too. I pick out clothes for them without asking (at least at this age) and know what they will like. I can plan fun things for us to do together because it's stuff I naturally like, too.

I love having girls because I feel like I can mentor them. I can remember how I felt, what I thought, the pitfalls I ran into with self esteem, friends, boys, whatever it may be. And as their mother I can try and mitigate some of that. I know I will still make other mistakes in my mothering along the way-- but it's exciting to think that I can have a positive impact on my girls' lives.

Not everyone gets to have daughters, or daughters like mine. I'm grateful I get to be the mother to the girls I have.

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