Wednesday, May 2, 2018

April Days

I found a bunch of cute pictures on Delaney's ipad that I am adding here. At our kids' school, they check out each kid an ipad at the beginning of the year to help with homework, days when school is cancelled, etc. Anyway they are also allowed to take pictures on there so here is some of what Delaney thinks is important!

The kids love picking dandelions

She took a picture of the sunset. Hmm she must be my daughter!

I thought this was so cute. She took a picture of her dress and headband for her Daddy Daughter Dance.

Then of course she wanted some pictures of herself in it!

She wanted a picture of her "favorite dinner" (fried rice)

She wanted to show all the kids at school what happened to her car

And she documented Easter baskets (which I didn't, so kudos to her!). I am going to be so sad when my kids are no longer excited about my Dollar Store finds for their Easter baskets!

The twice a year I make cinnamon rolls for General Conference. I use Rhode's cinnamon rolls and I'm never making them the long way again!

We bought the kids a trampoline! The girls especially love it. It's a springfree trampoline which is supposed to be safer (and also comes with it a lot bigger price tag, so it's been on our want list for a while. But we finally saved up enough for it!).

 Ben and I were really proud of ourselves because we made a 'wants' list when we first moved to Kokomo that we've been working on ever since, saving up for different things. Neither of us really imagined we would actually get through the whole list! Some things we got used or found a good deal on, but we've crossed off virtually every item! I'd have to say the thing that helped us accomplish our goal the most-- not owning this house, so there was not a single house project on that list (That's usually what consumes our savings goal lists!).

We built a pond in our backyard? Nope, this is just what happens when it rains a lot... complete with ducks...

Cute kids as superheroes at a reading activity for the school

Looking through old photos for this post and I found some gems

My dear friend Emily was terribly sick one year when we were in high school. Even though we lived 45 minutes from each other, we loved to send letters to each other. One time she wrote me this list of things she wouldn't take for granted again and I thought it was so good!

With my cousins Carly and Beth

Pictures I took at a high school football game with some friends. See I even liked photography back then!

With my friend Carson in high school. I think we were at a BPA Conference.

Then on to college. I loved my roommate Erin!

Our freshman year going to a dance

 My friend Chase and I thought we were so funny to send this card to our other friends. We were the only two of our friend group to go to the same university. I think Chase actually does work in some kind of art/graphic design now, so this is obviously some of his best work. Ha!

I had this sweet plaque from my campus job (that I loved!) with my face on it. Such fun memories!

Back to current life again...

Cheyenne had a very short stint playing softball (she didn't even make it to any of the games) before I realized it was way more of a commitment than we could make at that point, so I pulled her out. She was a good sport about it. We've been trying out a lot of sports lately, I want to write about it sometime. Frank LOVED her helmet and he looked darling in it!!

Probably watching Studio C. 

I found these sponge curlers at the dollar store and it brought back so many memories. We used them all the time growing up! Delaney looked so cute with them in (I used them for her Daddy Daughter Dance, for one!).

A Sunday afternoon

I LOVE reading the scriptures on my phone and having instant access to all my previous thoughts and insights to scriptures I've highlighted in the past. How do you read your scriptures?

Ben making funny faces at Frank. Not sure who captured this, probably Ephraim.

I loved this thought from Laura Casey. I'm guilty of that, looking for encouragement from others when I should be growing it in myself! Other people have great ideas, but nothing beats looking upward and gaining that encouragement from a loving Heavenly Father for yourself.

Not sure where this came from (probably Ephraim again!) but I'm taking a quick nap on my bed!

Poor Frankie was a sick sicky the last few days

Pretty Delaney

Spring finally came to Indiana!

the tree out our kitchen window


  1. Ash, tell me when Emily was so sick she couldn't dress herself or go to the bathroom alone. I have no recollection of this. I really miss your kids. I hope I can last until you come for my visit. Mom

    1. It was when we lived in Horseshoe Bend. She was in the hospital for a couple of months with a terrible sickness (I can't remember now what it was) and I found out all about it after the fact. I still feel like a bad friend that I didn't know about it!!