Monday, April 16, 2018

Positive motherhood blogs

I have such a love for positivity.

One of my favorite kinds of positivity is positivity from women about motherhood. It seems we are all inspired by different people. Have you found that to be true?

I think that fact is beautiful. I see it as a testament to God's love for us as individuals. I think it means that each of us are called to be an instrument in God's hands for specific people. And I think it means that each of us will be given different people to inspire us. It's as if He's saying, "I need you to learn this, and I'm using this person to say it in a way you understand."

I feel like God places these people, mentors of sorts, in our paths. Some of these people who's words hit me deeply I know in person, some are friends or family I live far away from, and others are strangers who's words I read. It doesn't make one person better or worse simply because they are more inspiring to me. Instead I see it as another way for the Lord to speak to me.

I wanted to share some of those bloggers' words that have uplifted me, as well as let this be a central place to keep all the links to these wonderful posts.

Kaitlyn blogs at Plain and Simple Joy

She wrote a great post about motherhood being intentionally hard as a way to turn us to God and keeping us humble:

"motherhood needs to be overwhelming. God cares too much about the welfare of His children to let us take it casually. It is intentionally made difficult so that we will turn to Him."

And she wrote another one about why mothers make different choices that I found beautiful:

"But lately I've been thinking about how, whether I agree with them or not, the vast majority of mothers make decisions out of love.

There is the mother who stays home with her children because she feels that no one can teach and nurture them the way a mother can.
There is the mother who works because she wants to provide her children with a wide variety of opportunities and prepare for their future.
There is the mother who has many children because she wants to nurture and influence as many as she can to do good in the world.
There is the mother who has only one child because she wants to focus her efforts and energies to maximize her influence on that child."

Here is another great one she wrote about humbly turning to God in motherhood on A Voice of Gladness, a blog a few of my friends started.

Rachel from Her Stack of Plates

Rachel is in a completely different phase of life than me but I loved reading through her archives and finding things that helped me.

about sacrifice, not perfection in motherhood:

"I am in awe now as I look back and consider that I was participating in a miracle. The sacrifice of a mama shifts and changes over the years, and these first  experiences prepare you for different aches and pains that you can never imagine, for good and for bad. In a way, birthing and nursing are a microcosm of what is to come. And through the years you will participate again and again in those miracles and you will wonder, how can I, imperfect as I am, unrighteous as I am, unworthy as I am, be part of a miracle? Doesn't a miracle require everything to be lined up perfectly? If it were so it would seem impossible then that He would use me to perform them. To be the vehicle by which He manifests His power. But He did, and he does because, 

performing a miracle does not require perfection, it requires a sacrifice. Even a great sacrifice.

He provides the 'perfection' part, we just add our pathetic at best offering of sacrifice. The two together create the miracle. The two together complete the required pieces of the miracle.

This is why becoming perfect doesn't require our perfection, it requires our sacrifice."

An awesome one she wrote and published on Power of Moms about what we give up as mothers:

"One day my friend and I were talking about how our children adored their dads. We were so proud. We loved that they loved their dads. I noted, however,that rarely does mom get labeled the ‘favorite’ parent. Why is that? Have I not just listed the sacrifices made by mothers? And then it hit me. This is a sacrifice moms make, too. Perhaps one of the biggest.

They make the sacrifice of not getting the glory, not being the favorite all the time, not always being fun. As the more hands-on parent, a mother’s faults get scrutinized. With so many balls in the air it’s easy to see which ones they drop. Mothers often carry out punishments, so of course they take a little more of a hit. There it was, echoing in my ears. I realized that this sacrifice might be the most painful one for me to swallow. . . the glory. After giving all I have, they might still feel like I fell short. They probably will."

this was a good reminder, about the ups and downs in life:

Then this time about service. Isn't it amazing that the internet can connect us with such positive, uplifting women?

And if you haven't read this classic she wrote that got published in the Ensign, about the "Mother's Atonement" read it here.

Catherine from Wild and Precious has such a way with words and a positive outlook on life and motherhood. Her blog has been a favorite of mine for awhile.

Here is one she wrote several years ago about looking for the good:

She is an incredible writer, and you can find an archive of things she's written that were published elsewhere here. But really I just love reading her personal blog and seeing her positive outlook on life.

I don't know about you but in a world full of negativity I need positivity. I am grateful for women who are willing to look for it and share it, and bring me closer to my Father in Heaven as a result. Are there other women's words on the internet that uplift your soul and inspire you to be a better mother?

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