Sunday, April 1, 2018

March Goals Check-in

Here are a few of the goals I worked on this past month and some of the things I wanted to touch on. I'll be posting my April goals soon.

-Take a month of chocolate/treats. I totally did this! And I lost 5 lbs! Not bad. I have a couple of thoughts about sugar.

-It was nice to take a month off and see some of my habits in a new light. Sugar cereal is always a bad idea, I've decided, it was a bad habit we got into a few years ago that I had thought we would have too much of an uproar if we tried to get rid of it again. But I didn't buy any sugar cereal this month, and while the kids didn't like it, I think if I continued to do it we could eventually make sugar cereal a "sometime food" again.

-Sugar is what makes me want to eat. When I know I'm not allowed to have anything sugary I have less of a desire to overeat. It helps me put food back in it's proper place as a fuel for your body and not a cure for boredom or other things I've been using it for. It's crazy how addictive sugar is that it can hijack your internal system and make you think you won't be satisfied until you have more.

-I'm still not "cured" of sugar. I'm still struggling to figure out what the balance is for our family and in our culture. In our culture, sugar is used in celebrations, birthdays, rewards, weekends, and connecting with others. You personally could go off sugar but not without making others feel guilty, embarrassed, or making them go out of their way to appease you. People bring you sugar to celebrate Christmas, to brighten your day when you're feeling down, to break the ice or bring people together at activities and events, or as parents we use sugar to have a quick and cheap way to connect with our kids-- a short date for ice cream. Sugar in our culture is a way to say I love you. Sugar is an inexpensive way to show support. Sugar is a creative outlet for me as a mom. And in truth, I still want to make my kids straight-up real chocolate chip cookies when we feel like it.

-I'm definitely on "addict" level with sugar-- I am either all or nothing. Because of the reasons I listed above, I would like to find some kind of balance where I can eat sugar at events or once a month or something like that, but at least right now I haven't found it.

-See my kids as individuals, and going on dates with them. I finally went on a few dates with my kids this last month. I let Cheyenne stay up 15 minutes after the other kids one night and we did whatever she wanted (without a screen) for those 15 minutes. And then I did the same with Delaney another night. I must say I was not necessarily excited to do the dates with the girls-- by the end of the day I am ready for a break and bedtime is a hard time of day. But the girls and I had so much fun both times. They are still talking about it. And I loved it more than anything else I had done with them during the day. We had a great time! I was mad at myself that I haven't been doing this sooner. It made me like motherhood so much more, and I feel way more sure of myself as a mother interacting with the girls one-on-one.

-Finish "fixing" pictures for E's baby book. I totally did not do this. On to next month!

-Pull out my good camera and take more pics of my kids. I did a few times! And I got two new lenses! I got an 85mm and a 35mm. We've been saving up for them for a long time. I just got them, so I'm so excited to try them out!

-Try some new healthy recipes. I tried two new soup recipes from Mel's Kitchen Cafe and Skinnytaste (my two favorite places to try). Both of them were just ok (I think it was mostly my fault). The kids didn't like them but we were able to have some good discussions with the kids about trying new things and finding new things you like and how sometimes you try something new and you strike out.

-Try some new ways to reach out to others. I did this as well! Finding ways to serve and include others and actively thinking about it each month really adds beauty to my life.

-Read a parenting book. I did not do this but I have been reading Hold Me Tight a marriage book recommended by Power of Moms. I love learning and improving and I was glad I checked this one out. I'll have to do a review of it once I'm done but I've really loved this book and the way they frame problems and challenges we all inevitably face in marriage.

-Pull out my prayer journal. I only did this once this month I think but I'm always glad when I do! I need to do it more often.

-Organize something each week. Because this was on my list, I did this a few times and I was so glad I did! I cleaned out a closet and took a bunch of stuff to Goodwill, and organized and rearranged my kitchen cupboards.

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