Tuesday, April 3, 2018

March Days

I had to take a headshot for work

This is from back in February but I never posted it. We were "secret agents" and went to heart attack the bishop's office door at church.

We went to an Easter egg hunt at the library. They hid the eggs by filling the room with balloons!

Frank's favorite game to play lately is "horsey" this particular day all the kids wanted to join!

I'm pretty sure they weigh the same amount, so no this did not last long!

More goals I found in Cheyenne's room. "1. To read the Book of Mormon. 2. To be a better kid 3. To do something nice for Mom & Dad 4. To make Mom & Dad ...? (not sure what it is)"

This kid has been asking for a football ever since he saw his cousins playing with one at the beach in Florida. This was the day his mom got him one!

 Time for Frank's nap

Frank loves Cheyenne's baby doll. Here he is rocking it

And putting her down for a nap

Here is my friend Fran telling the story of the Passover to the Primary kids. Fran used to be a Jew so we had a very authentic Passover dinner as a ward activity for church. Love Fran!

Lunch date with Ben and the boys at Sam's Club. Ben made an EPIC hotdog and he was really proud of himself.

I tried to go visit my sister Sarah for Spring Break but this happened on the way there. I was passing a big semi truck and a huge piece of ice flew off the top of it and hit my windshield while I was going 75 mph. Luckily we didn't get hurt and now my van is in the shop.

It literally catered my windshield. Luckily, with insurance, it will cost me $0!

We tried to find some fun things to do for spring break without a car... the kids did Cosmic Yoga and they loved it, even Frank, but especially the girls!

Pretty Delaney playing cops and robbers with the other kids and Dad down in the basement on the bikes

We got to see Ben's Uncle John and Aunt Julie when they randomly happened to be in Ohio picking up a trailer. It was fun to see them!

Ben thought this shirt was hilarious we got from Sam and Michelle

I don't think you can call it Skinny Pop Frank if you eat the whole bag!!

The kids pulled out their lawn chairs to watch General Conference. Ha! It was a really amazing conference.

We make a special egg gravy over toast every Easter in my family to use up the hard boiled eggs. 

Pretty girls at the Daddy-Daughter Dance

This video really spoke to me today. I wanted to laugh when she started talking about doing stuff for her kids for Valentine's Day. It's so silly, isn't it? That we beat ourselves up about making pink pancakes? But I have totally thought that stuff too.  And also my friend Carly's post today was about just ordinary struggles but it reminded me that we all have them and helped me put mine in perspective. We really do need each other and can help lift each other!

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  1. Love that video!! Thank you so much for posting. Sorry about your van. That would make me really grouchy! Loved your March goals too. I am so impressed at the no treats month. Wow. And I love the date idea with your kids .