Sunday, April 29, 2018

It's time for Revelation

Last April, President Monson urged us to read the Book of Mormon more. Sometimes when we are given direction and it's not something concrete like "Read the Book of Mormon before Christmas" I have a hard time following through. Are you this way? Anyway I didn't immediately make a concerted effort to change my habits, because I already was trying to read everyday.

But I was chastised. Six months later President Eyring and President Nelson both talked about how they had increased their scripture reading since conference. I realized that President Monson's message was meant for me, someone who tries to read everyday. Yet it took me more than six months to act on President Monson's counsel.

In this past conference President Nelson asked us to increase our personal revelation. He instructed us how we could do this: Find a quiet place to pray each day, pour out your heart to God, listen for answers, and then write them down.

I thought about Elder Bednar's talk. A characteristic of a meek follower of Christ is that they immediately obey. So I have begun writing down the impressions that come to my heart after praying. It's been a beautiful practice. I love to reread these words of comfort, peace, and direction. And my capacity for revelation HAS increased after doing this.

I've wondered in the past what kind of relationship you'd need to have with your Heavenly Father in order to receive and understand complicated boat-building plans. I think it starts like this.

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