Wednesday, April 11, 2018

April Goals

I made my April goals a little late. I've been inspired by Lara Casey's recent post about cutting back. It felt like the right message for me this month.

So this month I want to work on these things:

-Putting away my phone when I'm around my kids. I've been taking a personal finance class at church and this week they asked us to imagine ourselves as if we were 25 years older looking back on our current lives, and what we felt like we didn't spend enough time doing. I want to be better at living in the moment and not dividing my time or trying to distract myself from my reality.

-Put sugar on a pedestal. To me this means it's more of a sometime food, on rare occasions, and less of an every-time-I-walk-in-the-kitchen food. I'm excited to see if I can make it work, it's more balanced than what I was doing last month, and it leaves room for me to participate and eat when I think it's appropriate without giving me complete free reign to eat whatever the heck I want. We'll see how it works and I'll report back.

-Make greater efforts to do dates with my kids

-Use my words to support and uplift my husband. I've been reading in Hold Me Tight and it's been a good reminder to me that I want to be a supportive spouse and not someone who is always pointing out what my spouse is doing wrong. Because I'm analytical I'm really good at finding things that could be done better, but that habit of mine doesn't leave the people around me feeling loved and valued, and that's the kind of person I really want to be.

-Create peace in my home-- organize something each week

-Pray every morning. Ever since daylight savings hit the kids are often my alarm clock and I'm "on duty" so quickly I don't even realize I didn't pray until lunchtime. Not a habit I want to keep!

-Sing to my kids every night. This is a spin off of my "good bedtime" goal in the past. I wanted to make it a little more positive and more concrete, in hopes that I will be better at following through.

-Write in a gratitude journal nightly. My sister mentioned this while we were on the phone a while ago and I remembered that it's something I've thought of doing before. I've decided to try it out this month.

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