Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Sharing Your Children's Light with Others

Children have a very special role in our world as bearers of Jesus Christ's light.

Jesus taught us to become as a little child and "none can enter into the kingdom of Heaven save he shall humble himself as little children." Not far removed from their heavenly home, children innately are filled with so much light. People love the mis-matched words of children, their simplistic drawings, their pure intentions, their honesty.

As a mother to young children, I experience the delight having children around as part of my everyday. I get multiple drawings, multiple hugs from tiny arms, multiple sincere "I love yous" from their tender voices daily. I feel it is my duty, as a steward of my children's light, to brighten the lives of those who do not get to experience such light in their everyday. In so many ways, it is sharing the Savior with others by allowing others to interact with your children, because it is His light they carry.

God has asked us busy mothers for "minutes" of our time. As I've contemplated how to fill this command with so many little people underfoot, I've wondered how I can adequately teach them and also follow the command to lift others. The answer for me has been: involve them. When I pray and make the time, I'm surprised to see the Lord giving us very small avenues to serve individuals every week. We write quick cards, make short visits, and say hello. I try to let my children be in the forefront of these interactions. When I am doing God's work, I tell myself, why not use His light-bearers, these little children?

Each time I have made the effort to reach out, it has blessed my life and filled my heart with peace to see other people blessed by the presence of my children. And it encourages me to make reaching out more of our family culture as I see the ways in which my children can reach others that I cannot. "Suffer the little children... for of such is the kingdom of Heaven."

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  1. Very profound, "Why not use His light bearers." So true. Children are to be seen (and heard)!
    Love, Dad