Monday, March 5, 2018

March Goals + February Goals Check-in

Happy March! My Powersheets look a little different this month because I ran out of months in my workbook and the Cultivate shop is not getting restocked until May... so.... I'm glad I have a copier!

Here's some thoughts from some of my February goals...

Monthly Goals
-Make romance more fun. I've had so much fun doing fun stuff for Ben this month. It has brought joy to my life! I love it!
-Work on finding a sugar balance I finally settled on taking a month off chocolate/treats. March is my month and hopefully I'll start to chip away at the hold sugar has over me!
-See my kids as individuals and pray for them. I've been really humbled and grateful for the flashes of light I've been receiving about the nature of some of my kids in particular. It's been a good month, it's a good thing to work on.
-See reaching out with positivity. I've been given a lot of opportunities to reach out to others this month and I've been so grateful for them. Reaching out to others brings me a lot of joy.

Weekly goals
-Prepare for the Sacrament. This. THIS has been the most impactful thing that I have done this month. It's been incredible to prepare for the Sacrament each week and I've been so grateful for this direction! It's really changed my outlook and given me strength for each coming week.
-Read a parenting book-- learn something! I finished reading The Parenting Breakthrough that I started this summer. Great book! I need to review it sometime.
-Make a new healthy recipe. I tried two this month and really loved Mel Kitchen Cafe's Chicken Lettuce Wraps. I'm a huge Mel fan (and she's my aunt's neighbor, so we're practically best friends).

Daily goals
-"Date" with Ephraim I did try this a few times, and I'm trying to get back into the habit of this.
-Choose happy in a situation I did this a few times!
-Write down conference talk thoughts I did this often
-Timed scripture study Been pretty good at this. Timing it is the key for me-- then if I only get in a few minutes in the morning, I can pick up where I left off when Frank naps.

Moving on to March...

A lot of my goals are the same! I loved some of my goals last month, they were motivating and I want to  keep working on them!

Monthly Goals
-Take a month of chocolate/treats
-Make romance more fun
-See my kids as individuals, pray for them!
-Finish "fixing" pictures for E's baby book
-Pull out my good camera and take more pics of my kids
-Try some new healthy recipes
-Try some new ways to reach out to others

Weekly Goals
-Prepare for the Sacrament
-Reach out to others
-Read a parenting book
-Go on a date w/ each kid!
-Pull out my prayer journal
-Organize something each week

Daily Goals
-Date with Ephraim
-Morning prayer
-Evening prayer
-Timed scripture study
-Enforce chores
-Love my kids @ bedtime
-Journal daily

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