Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Hard makes you happy

In high school I had my first experience with pushing my body to its physical limits.

I didn't grow up in a 'sports' family. The house I grew up in was full of girls, and we all sang and played the piano. When I was 16 we moved to a tiny town without a music program. Everybody there played sports, and you didn't have to try out. So, I joined.

I ran drill after drill after drill in basketball. Always the last one. Always the slowest. It was embarrassing in a lot of ways. I excelled academically. I was a very good singer. Sometimes I would see kids we were competing against from other schools and think to myself, "If only you could see me in the classroom. Then you wouldn't think I was such a dud."

I'm surprised that from such a negative experience I gained some very valuable skills. No not, basketball skills, I'm actually still terrible, although I love to play. I learned the skill of pushing your body and feeling endorphins and saw how doing something hard can actually make you happy.

So now, 13 years later I come to the gym every Saturday to lift weights, and every Tuesday for a cycling class. The rest of the week I exercise on a bike in my garage. I'm still terrible at it. I'm still not athletic. But I do it because all those years ago I learned that hard makes you happy and your body can do more than you ever thought it could.


  1. Love the pics. Even we have great memories of your high school sports career. Mom

  2. Go Mustangs!! Those were good days!
    Love, Dad