Tuesday, March 6, 2018

February Days

All dressed up on the Sunday before Valentines Day. We took the same picture last year. Here it is for comparison! I miss that chunky baby!

This one's blurry.. boo!

We had a Valentine's Party and each girl got to invite 1 or 2 girls from school. 

The weather on Valentine's Day was very festive!

Love these two!

This was my "snowman wall" that I absolutely loved all of January and February. All of the kids' crafts were so cute! It made me happy every time I walked past it

Martin Luther King Day we were playing in the snow, by President's Day we were playing in the rain

I encouraged my kids to go outside and get wet. They're only little once, you know? As an adult I have no interest in tromping through this big mud puddle. Might as well use this gift from God when you have little people that would actually enjoy it! But of course, by the next day, I was sick of all the laundry!

This kid gets so elated when he can join in the other kids' fun. I had to keep a close eye on him since he's a flight risk and we live on a busy street!

Cheyenne was "caught reading" at school!

A few times recently Delaney has told me she didn't have any talents. Not long after that I got this text from her teacher. I showed it to her and told her that her talent is kindness!

"Mom, look stressed out and I'll take a picture" Well, I guess you have it documented now!

Cinderella movie night while Ben's at Stake Conference. Frank loves feeling like 'one of the kids' and doing stuff as a family

We got a baby gate for the kitchen. But now he can get out of his high chair during dinner. He seriously figures out everything!

Pizza and...

Movie night! 

I thought this was a funny sign at the liquor store!

My two early risers hanging out

Fixing hair


  1. My favorite pictures were Frank behind the gate and in the dryer, Delaney with mud splattered all over her face, and the snowman wall. I have plastered kids and grandkids pictures all over the inside of the pantry door. I will probably get in trouble but it makes me happy every time I open the door. Love you, Mom

  2. I loved the Valentine's Sunday pics and the snowman wall - fun!