Thursday, February 1, 2018



I've got so much I want to share with you!

I'll start today with sharing some things that have been inspiring me lately. When I've got downtime I often spend it seeking out uplifting things on the internet.

I watched this "chat" recently and I can't stop thinking about it. At 16:47 she starts talking about putting God first in your life and about not letting others' "dots & stars" stick to you, which was a good reminder about the kind of "different" I want to be. Lizzy Jensen is the creator of The Small Seed if you've never heard of her.

This was also a great talk by Sister Eubank. I loved the idea that God really needs "minutes" of your time. It's helped me put into perspective how I can reach out to others in a way our Heavenly Father can use.

I loved Lara Casey's reminders about starting over and failing! It's okay to fail! And it's amazing to start over! She says,
"You know the feeling. You mess up and immediately go into I’m-the-worst-person-in-the-world mode thinking, Why can’t I just keep it all together? Why do I have to be so flawed? Why can’t I just do it ALL and do it all well? Why can’t I just be like so-and-so? 

Here’s the thing. We are imperfect. Me, you, all of us! And the truth is that all progress is imperfect progress. Good things grow through challenges and missteps and slow growth.

So, my friend, I propose we let go of the imperfection guilt and embrace the perfectly imperfect ground we’re standing on, right where we are. This is our GROWING ground.
Goodbye goal guilt.
Goodbye, expecting overnight change.
Goodbye doing too much at once.
Hello knowing that our worth is not based on our performance. Who made up the rule that you had to make perfect progress on everything in January?
Hello what actually works.
You can be a goal getter and embrace imperfection.
You can grow slowly and make significant progress.
You can make imperfect progress on a goal and still achieve your goal."

I found this article thought-provoking, but specifically two ideas from it. The first involves medical depression, which I don't have personal experience with (so I can't vouch for how this article relates to that), but it shed some light on the "mental funks" I find myself in sometimes. My mental funks could be a "rational reaction" to something going wrong in your life, not a "biological break." Your brain is trying to tell you that one of your psychological needs is not being met. The second was that we each have psychological needs just like we have a need to eat or a need to breathe. :
"We need to feel we belong. We need to feel valued. We need to feel we’re good at something. We need to feel we have a secure future."
It was interesting to think about how I could improve my situation while I am struggling (or what I can do for others when they are struggling). I can find truths and doctrines that foster the feelings of belonging, value, worth, security. Interesting to think about it logically like that. I believe that's what helped me through my latest funk (my last post) was recognizing the "secure future" I could have by increasing my faith, when there was nothing temporally I could do to change my future at the moment.

Tomorrow I'll be sharing my February goals, and then of course my post of January pictures will be coming shortly too. Lots to share!

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