Monday, January 29, 2018

No Matter What the Future Looks Like

I've mentioned before that we are in a waiting period in our lives. Sometimes the holding pattern we're in really gets to me, stresses me out, and brings me down.

I want to know where are we going? And when? The ambiguity can sometimes be so overwhelming to me that I can think of nothing else. However, this morning I was riding my exercise bike and listening to this talk by Elder Donald Hallstrom. He was talking about miracles, but somehow it applied to me and my holding pattern.
In pondering the experience of the Fales family [who were miraculously healed], I have thought much about the circumstances of so many others. What about the innumerable faith-filled, priesthood-blessing-receiving, unendingly-prayed-for, covenant-keeping, full-of-hope Latter-day Saints whose miracle never comes? At least in the way they understand a miracle. At least in the way that others appear to receive miracles.What about those who suffer from profound afflictions—physically, mentally, emotionally—for years or for decades or for their entire mortal life?
It left me pondering-- what if my waiting never ends? I actually do believe it will end, but if it didn't, what would a faith-filled "life in waiting" look like? It certainly wouldn't look like the way I've been feeling lately -- downtrodden, frustrated, unwilling to see the bright side.
Elder Hallstrom continued,
A critical question to ponder is “Where do we place our faith?” Is our faith focused on simply wanting to be relieved of pain and suffering, or is it firmly centered on God the Father and His holy plan and in Jesus the Christ and His Atonement? Faith in the Father and the Son allows us to understand and accept Their will as we prepare for eternity.
His words struck a cord with me-- that's exactly what I was doing. My faith was focused on "wanting to be relieved of pain and suffering." But the faith I want, I need in my life, the kind that will keep me going is one that is "firmly centered God and Jesus Christ and allows me to understand and accept Their will." I'd been praying for direction and this, this is it. No more moping around. Jesus Christ lives, it's Him I love, it's time to be happy and look forward with faith, no matter what the future holds. 

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