Wednesday, January 3, 2018

January goals + December check-in

Here's how I did on my December goals:

December Goals

Monthly goals
I made progress on all of my monthly goals! I was so proud of myself. Here are a few I wanted to touch on.

-Cultivate JOY at Christmastime. Be happy! I really felt like I made an effort on this and it was a really great month!
-Learn more about the Savior's life in the scriptures We read The New Testament Reader the whole month of December and it really helped me focus on Christ this season. It was great!
-Make exercise an option @ home I did make some progress on this! And Ben bought me a secondhand exercise bike for Christmas so I've been getting even better!
-Let my church service be an avenue for serving Christ There was one time a thought came to me of something to do and I did it. I was proud of myself for responding!

 Weekly goals
-Do something nice for Ben. I did one nice thing, but not anything completely out of the ordinary like I am hoping to make more regular. I put this one on again for next month.
-Go to BodyPump Yes!
-Work on E's baby book Slow progress here... I put this one on again for next month.
-Take some good pictures of my kids I did pull out my good camera at least once this month and got a shot or two of Frank.
-Participate in #LighttheWorld I did, a few times.

Daily Goals
-Wake up early
-Study my scriptures
-Morning prayer
My morning goals suffered this month (some of our kids have been sick, Frank's had some sleep issues. Typical mom stuff!) But I did not give up! By the end of the month I was trying again!
-Good bedtime  This is a good goal. I was not good at it this month but it often came to my mind. I put it on my list for next month
-Heartfelt prayer in the evening I was surprised I did not do well on this goal. I'm so glad I'm doing this so it helps me know where I need to improve!
-Do the dishes at night Last month my goal was to pick up the house at night and I was much more likely to do that. I'm changing it back to that one, then once I get that one down I'm going to tackle this one. Baby steps. I know this seems ridiculous to you women who are so on top of your house cleaning. I wish I was one of you!

Now onto the month and year ahead!

January Goals
Monthly goals
-Be happy! After listening to The Power of Moms podcast on goals I thought this would be a good one to include, to decide to be happy each day.
-Love Ben with my whole heart-- love unselfishly
-Be a positive force for good in my kids' lives
-Strengthen my spiritual armor by studying by scriptures
-Be a true disciple of Christ by reaching out to others
-Give good gifts to my family-- take care of my house
-Enjoy all life has to offer-- improve my health
-Practice contentment and save money Ben's going to need a new truck before too long, so saving has been on my mind. Plus, I've been thinking about all the positives that flow into your life from simply spending less, saving, and being content. 

Weekly goals
-Work on Ephraim's baby book
-Write a note/do something nice for Ben
-Pull out my good camera. I love having good pictures and winter can be so drab. I think pulling out my good camera can help me see the beauty and the happiness that can sometimes be hard to find when it's cold outside.
-Read a parenting book. I find I'm a nicer parent when I read parenting books. Always helps to have some tools ready to use in your brain. I'll update you next month on what I'm reading.
-Make a new healthy recipe I want good health to be fun, and I love try new recipes. It would be exciting to find a new favorite to add to my arsenal!
-Pull out my prayer journal This is such a helpful thing when I do it. I think it will help me focus on making my prayers more heartfelt as well.

Daily goals
-Morning prayer
-Study my scriptures
-Pick up the house at night
-Good bedtime
-Be happy!
-Heartfelt prayer

It's going to be a great year! I'm starting to get more in the hang of my PowerSheets. I just did my three-month goal refresh, so I was glad to look at my goals with new eyes. I also love that every month I get to reevaluate and decide what I want to work and focus on. One of Lara Casey's sayings is "Make a mess!" I love that! There's nothing perfect or "guaranteed success" about my goals, but you can't get anywhere without digging in!

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  1. You know what? I love to clean and you don't.
    You are good at "recording" goals. I am NOT. I keep thinking of that too. Elder Ballard twice in conferences has told us of the values of goals. Not sure why I struggle so with this? Thanks for your example.