Monday, December 4, 2017

November Days

One afternoon I took the boys on a walk in the forest. The trees were a brilliant yellow, it was stunning. It felt like we were walking in a forest of gold! Such a happy memory

I was really wishing I had my good camera with me. What a beautiful world we live in! Ours for the exploring!

Went to a Primary Presidency training with my favorite presidency (I love the sisters I work with in Primary at church!) and saw these beautiful leaves in the parking lot! Fall was so pretty this year.

Sometimes family prayers are difficult! Ha!

Little cold for a place to hang out, don't you think?

Our family lived in Louisville, Kentucky for three years when I was growing up and we always loved this shirt. "Your kind of place, any way you say it." 

Sleeping babies are so cute

School pictures

We had an early birthday party for Cheyenne with a few friends from school

I made this delicious cake (which the kids hardly even touched! Never waste baked goods on kids ;)) and used this idea to decorate it. I loved the way it turned out!

The next night, we left for Florida!

Finally saw the light of day in Georgia. Good morning! Always so glad we drive through the night!

Once we got to Florida the parties never stopped!
Five of my siblings were together: my sister Heather (who lives in Florida, closest to me in the picture), Derek, Whitney, and Sarah. We had Heather's 6 kids, Sarah's 6, Whitney's 1, my 4, and Derek's 2 for 19 kids and 10 adults! There was another Thanksgiving party in Utah with four siblings, and my parents went to my brother Justin's in Montana. Joel's family went on a cruise for Thanksgiving! So fun to be with family!

Here are the couples after a couple's date

Heather and Austin did a ton of work to accommodate us. They "made" a bed for us. It was actually totally comfortable!

In a totally ruthless water balloon fight (Adult men vs. all the tiny kids. Ha!!) Delaney got hit a little too hard.

We got to touch sting rays! For free

Always a baby to hold! 

Sometimes we like to have a little too much fun...

Four sisters!

We were all wearing khaki green ;)

We went to the beach a few times, although it was a little cold

My brother Austin is a podiatrist and took care of a foot problem I was having. Right in the living room!

It was great entertainment for everybody I'm sure!

On the boardwalk

She looked like Princess Aurora

Canoeing with alligators!!

Date night

Our kids are early risers, so I took Frank on a walk one morning so people could sleep. The sunrise looked amazing at this lake not far from their house!

My walking buddy

Babies are so cute

Cheyenne's birthday was the day after Thanksgiving this year (last year it was on Thanksgiving) and this time we got to celebrate with lots of cousins!

My sister Sarah took a few shots of us at the beach.

It was maybe too windy...

We also celebrated Ephraim's birthday while we were there and he got a big Tonka truck. Every little boy needs one of those! He was in heaven at the beach.

Lots of babies to keep an eye on

Love this guy

Sarah took this cool silhouette shot of us at the beach. It was a great trip!

Cheyenne got a purse for her birthday. But I think Frank likes it!

Somebody found his old baby toy and got stuck!

Loved the swings on a sunny day to end November. His new favorite word is "No!" No, I do not want to get out of the swing!


  1. What great pictures!!! It's like we were right there with you. We miss you all so much. Love, Dad

  2. Fun blog! We had so much fun when you guys came! Did I send you all of my pictures? How did you get them? We miss you guys?

    1. You emailed them and texted them so yes, I got them! We miss you guys!

  3. Such great pictures! Such a wonderful family! Mom