Wednesday, December 6, 2017

December Goals + November check-in

I was a little discouraged as the sun set on the last day of November. My PowerSheets did not show much progress, I thought. But at the end of each month you have the chance to reflect (on the Cultivate Gratitude page) and I was reminded of why I am engaging in this, focusing on the things I had accomplished and moving forward.

Here is an update on some of the goals I worked on last month.

November Monthly goals
-Schedule in periodical times to reflect and be grateful this month. I did this! I've been making a list of '1000 Gifts,' different things I am grateful for and a few times this month I pulled out my list and added to it.
-Be a force for good in my siblings' lives. I spent Thanksgiving with several of my siblings and had that in mind when I made this goal. I am a sharer by nature, so I often like to add things in conversations and discussions in hopes that it can be used for good in somebody else's life besides mine. But this trip I was learning more than I was giving, and it caused me to sit back and more often listen instead, which I was grateful for. 

Weekly goals
-Surprise/do something nice for Ben each week. I did this once... little by little progress! 
-Pray about who we can help/reach out to. Still praying and searching, making small efforts that are available to me.
-Go to BodyPump (weightlifting class) every week. Yes! Every week I was able to go (I had to put something on there that I knew I would do ;))
-Pull out my prayer journal at least once a week Yes! I need to write more about my prayer journal, it's something I love.
-Spend one-on-one time with my kids I needed to be more specific with this one. I've modified it for the next month.

Daily goals
-Get up early! Yes! I made a valiant effort 
-Read my scriptures Yes! I was really proud of myself-- often on vacation it's hard to figure out where to fit it in, but most days I was still able to find a few quiet moments to read scriptures and pray during the day.
-Say a morning prayer Yes
-Watch what I eat Hmm... more work needed here
-Pick up the house before I go to bed Made some effort here, more work to be done.

And now on to my December Goals!

December Goals

Monthly goals
-Cultivate JOY at Christmastime. Be happy! I get Christmas FOMO-- does anybody else? But I'm trying to remember this year that Christ is "the spirit of LOVE, not FEAR" and simply enjoy the season and the things we do do.
-Feel the Christmas Spirit-- reach out & give back
-Learn more about the Savior's life in the scriptures
-Let go & give more love and appreciation to my spouse
-Grow my relationship with my kids through bedtime. I heard something on Power of Moms Radio (love that podcast series!) about a mom who, at bedtime, spends time with each child talking about things they were grateful for that day. I thought it was an awesome suggestion, but right now bedtime is a really rough time at our house. So as a first step I wanted to try and make bedtime more of a positive experience, to end the night on a high note.
-Make exercise an option @ home I love exercising outside and at the gym, but with the cold weather I want to find things I can and will do at home.
-Let my church service be an avenue for serving Christ
-Be prepared to serve others by keeping my own house in order
-Strengthen my spiritual armor through scripture study

 Weekly goals
-Do something nice for Ben
-Spend one-on-one time connecting with Ben
-Go to BodyPump
-Work on E's baby book
-Take some good pictures of my kids
-Participate in #LighttheWorld

Daily Goals
-Wake up early
-Study my scriptures
-Morning prayer
-Good bedtime
-Heartfelt prayer in the evening
-Do the dishes at night

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  1. You are so motivating! Keep it up because you are influencing people like me ❤️