Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Update: My new social media habits

A few weeks ago I started a break from social media.

Since that break I've begun new habits. Why change my old habits? Besides the reasons I listed in my previous blog post, it weighed on my heart that it was time to change.

Like getting rid of any old habit it, it took a while to get used to. It was hard not to do a quick check in when I was bored. And when I was lonely, I wanted that hit of dopamine you get when you get a notification. I blocked Facebook and Instagram on all my devices. It has taken a while, but now I do not crave the instant gratification social media provides.

Now I get to experience a different kind of light. Instead of filling my boredom with social media, I'm more likely to cure it in more constructive ways-- getting out of the house, or writing, or doing something meaningful to me. And surprising to me I find I am rarely lonely now, without the comparison of social media. I'm content with how I live my life (I've been making some other changes as well, but toning down social media certainly helped, I think).

After my three week break, I was scared to bring social media back into my life again when I saw so many of the negative feelings that had filled my life literally melting away. Why begin again? Because I know it's an important place for me to keep in contact with my family, my friends, and to share things that are meaningful to me.

I now use Facebook and Instagram two or three times a week when I post about an update on my blog. It's at that time that I check for notifications, connect with old friends, and check in on local news. It's been an amazing change! I couldn't believe that I could accomplish in two or three sessions something that, beforehand, had consumed my whole life. Stepping back from social media has allowed me to see what social media really is-- a tool, and not a universe.

It's hard for me to describe to you the difference it makes if you have not experienced it for yourself. The amount of noise that has left me and peace that has filled it's place is not something I could put a price tag on.

Elder Faust's words in this video are so full of truth and guidance:

I love my Savior so much, and his voice has filled my mind again, because I've made room for Him.

My children are going to need solid habits that allow them to hear their Savior when he calls to them-- it's my job to set the example of what those look like.

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  1. That's a good idea. I feel like I have a good balance for facebook but I check instagram basically everything time I'm bored or lonely or bugged. I really appreciate your thoughts so I can come up with something that works better for me. Thanks friend.