Friday, November 3, 2017

November Goals

I plan to do a whole separate post on PowerSheets (a goal setting workbook that leaves room for you to not be perfect!), but for now I wanted to get my goals for November down.

Monthly goals (monthly goals are not things you check off, they are things you try to cultivate all month long)
-Finish uploading all the pictures for Ephraim's baby book. (I know he's almost 4 years old, but now that it's on this list I've finally been doing it!)
-Bulk up my spiritual armor by studying my scriptures everyday
-Give good gifts to my family-- be better about keeping the house clean
-Be a true disciple of Christ by reaching out to others
-Gain a deeper love and appreciation for my spouse
-Schedule in periodical times to reflect and be grateful this month
-Be a force for good in my siblings' lives

Weekly goals
-Surprise/do something nice for Ben each week
-Pray about who we can help/reach out to
-Go to BodyPump (weightlifting class) every week
-Pull out my prayer journal at least once a week
-Spend one-on-one time with my kids

Daily goals
-Get up early!
-Read my scriptures
-Say a morning prayer
-Watch what I eat
-Pick up the house before I go to bed

At the beginning of next month, I will report on how I did on my goals and share what my December goals are. Hopefully sometime this month I will have time to write a post explaining what I love about PowerSheets and how it helps me!

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