Monday, October 16, 2017

Taking a break

I've been taking a break from social media for the past two weeks.

I want to spend more time helping people in my day-to-day life. Sister Oscarson's talk really hit home to me. I just realized that while positive social media posts help people, there is nothing that beats a tangible arm around someone's shoulder or complete focus while one of your kids is speaking. My participation in social media was taking up all of my "thought time," (not to mention actual time) and didn't leave any room for me to think about the people that could really, really use my help.

I wanted freedom at home. An article I read helped me understand that social media is giving me more information than I ever needed. People's opinions, their whereabouts, so many things that without social media I wouldn't know (and wouldn't have the ability to compare). Remember as a kid, before social media, when you went home and you were home? Where you went home and you didn't know what everyone else was doing? I loved living that way, and I missed it. I loved having a "kingdom of home" where our house was our own little world. I wanted that back. I recognized that a lot of the negative feelings I was experiencing were coming from a source I was choosing to let into my life.

I wanted to listen. Because of my blog and my love of sharing, I fall into the category of "poster" on social media. Maybe not on my personal Facebook page, but on Instagram and my blog Facebook page I post at least once a week. It was still enough that social media became about me and how I was doing, how I was perceived. It was exhausting as I tried to figure out what was worth posting (depending on the numbers of likes, comments, and views) and check it against what I felt like I should share, dependent upon my heart and spirit. I've been taking a break from social media because I wanted to listen again. I didn't want to speak, I wanted to be quiet and hear what wisdom God had for me, rather than doing what I wanted or thought I should do.

I am not anti-social media. I am a people person, and I cannot simply forget those from the past and move on. More than I am curious, I really do care about people that I love and admire from the past. I know I will be back on there at some point, but the balance I need there is really alluding me right now. I pray that I will be able to find that balance, but in the mean time I am really enjoying the quiet.

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