Friday, October 6, 2017

Don't forget to say "I missed you"

When Cheyenne started kindergarten I waited with bated breath everyday for her to return home from school.

All of my other kids were home with me all day, so there was a real hole without her. I missed her. She was funny. She was helpful. She was a leader. She was a friend.

So everyday when she would come home I would give her a big hug and say, "I missed you Cheyenne! I'm so happy to have you home."

A few days ago a thought occurred to me. I had stopped doing that! School has become so normal, and the girls' arrival expected and typical, simply a part of each day.

Home should be a place where children feel welcomed, wanted, and loved. I'm reminding myself that that's the kind of home I want to have. I'm not going to forget to say "I missed you" today.