Wednesday, September 6, 2017

August little things

First day of preschool! A little grouchy for pictures

There's a smile! He goes twice a week for two hours. Now that his sisters are in school and he has nobody to play with I know why daily preschool is a thing-- he's so bored! Still trying to figure out what is the best way to spend our time together.

First day of preschool Steak & Shake lunch with Dad! So fun to meet up with him!

For you Mom! The school supplies list. Mom was remembering all the years she checked off school supplies lists... Although our lists never included headphones for an Ipad...

Cheyenne started soccer. She loves it! And it's the perfect time commitment for our family right now. One practice a week, and then 1 game on Saturdays, all five minutes from our house, and it's only 2 months long.

Ben loved Cheyenne's crazy hair one day when she took out her braid

Frank found something somebody left on table...

We've since started keeping all the chairs up on the table all the time. It's sad. For some reason I've started having dreams about beautiful tablescapes and tablecloths...

He is looking so BIG! 15 months. Every morning about 5am, he ends up in our bed and ends the "night" there.

Some other chairs that have had to be retired after he figured out how to do this...

A little frustration he was having trouble with getting over the threshold...


Victory! He found Ben's shaver... which had put there since Frank had confiscated it from the bathroom (which one of the kids must have left open, since we always have to keep it closed). Frank has been so sad to lose the freedom of things he could reach now that we've put these chairs away!

Fun during a downpour

Elder Stallings, one of our missionaries, turned 21 at one of our YSA FHE's (Young Single Adult Family Home Evenings).

Um cutest thing you've ever seen! Zoom in on that face!!

Ben and Frank spend sacrament meeting in the Primary room often, since he's too loud & unruly for the chapel.

I've been working through PowerSheets (check out her video for "Uncovering Meaningful Goals") which is an awesome "grace-filled" goal setting workbook. More on this later...

Love these two!

It is SO WEIRD just have two at home during the day. I haven't had only two at home for four years! It makes a lot of things easier. I'm able to pull out my bike trailer now, and I've taken these two for a couple of rides to get my exercise in.

Ben's latest project-- he's going to make Ephraim a working electronic mini tractor. This is the beginning of the prototype made out of wood and cardboard.

Went to the park with the boys during the day. Trying to think through what is productive and important, and how to spend our days with just these two little ones at home. Lots to think about!

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  1. I loved the school supplies list. No we didn't buy headphones for ipads. Ipads didn't exist. We also knew nothing about dry erase markers. That means you grew up in the olden days too. Hope you like it. Mom