Sunday, August 6, 2017

July little things

 "Take a picture of me with all my kids"

I love this man

One night I was getting ready for our trip out West and as I was driving the WHOLE SKY was pink. It was breath-taking-ly beautiful. I know Montana is "Big Sky Country" but sometimes I consider the Midwest "Big Sky Country." With no mountains blocking the sky, so much of the landscape is sky-- so much of the color outside is sky. And there's always something interesting going on with the clouds (rain, thunderstorms, tornadoes, wind, the clouds aren't messing around out here). It's beautiful and I love it. 

 Cute kids on a Sunday afternoon

Delaney turned 5! We had such a fun time celebrating with Ben's family at Pokagon State Park.

 I made these darling (easy) cupcakes. They were a real hit with the kids!

 Cute cousins!

Remains of a tick on Ephraim!! It turned into quite the ordeal, taking him to the doctor to get the rest of it removed. We are glad he's ok!! The little guy was so brave.

Sunday afternoon selfies with Dad

The girls each did a two day "ballerina camp." It was of course as cute as it sounds and the girls were in heaven. 

Delaney's dance picture. I had one for Cheyenne too but she must have confiscated it before I could get a picture of it.

Frank is starting to join in on some of the kids' fun and he loves it. I haven't been good about taking pictures on "regular" days where we're just doing our same-old stuff. Seems like those are the pictures that end up meaning the most to you later on.

For Delaney's birthday Aunt Michelle got the kids this slip-n-slide and they've loved it!

The bowling pins also happen to be the perfect size to be a stand-in "husband" when Delaney and Cheyenne are playing house, so the pins have made it inside a couple of times. What an added bonus!! Ha ha!

Beautiful night

One night I was trying to figure out what happened to Ben because he was taking care of a "straggler" who hadn't quite made it to bed yet. Turns out THIS was happening. It was too cute not to take a picture!

I got an iphone a few months ago and one of the features I don't love is that you can take a picture without unlocking your phone.... and that my kids have figured that out (maybe my other phone had it and I just never realized it?). Frank took a great one at the park the other day! ;)

It was getting so bad I was having to hide my phone, until we instituted a new rule about not touching Mom's phone. In the meantime, I was getting a lot of great selfies.

See what I mean, great selfies! Ha ha!

 Driving home from Pokagon State Park, the sky was beautiful

 One of the churches not far from our house. "God is good. Jesus is real." Truth!

It's been a wet July in Kokomo. Luckily we haven't had any flooding, but some parts of Kokomo saw quite a bit of water.

What's been getting me through this summer... a secret stash of mini M&M's!! Don't tell the kids my secret location! 

Ben's been looking particularly handsome lately I think. Although you'd never know since he wouldn't let me take a picture!!

 A cute fruit pizza I made for one of our Young Single Adult Family Home Evenings (YSA FHE).
The day Frank learned to climb on chairs... suddenly nothing is safe!

Naughty, but so proud of himself!

 The wonderful quilt my mom made for our bed finally bit the dust so we bought a white comforter. Right after I had it all ironed and just right on the bed, Frank swiped at it with a nice, cherry juice-covered hand. I was pretty flustered when it happened, but I had to take a picture because that is exactly what the life of a mom is! Dirty handprints on clean white sheets. We are constantly getting things perfect over and over just to be reminded that it's people, and not things that really matter.
(Ben still thinks I'm nuts for buying white with little kids running around, but I love how bright it feels in my room. Seems like a mom's room should be her oasis!)

   When the kids go to bed, they often "request" things. Cheyenne sent this note under the door. We all laughed and laughed and laughed as we read it phonetically. "Can I go out I NED to GIT a PEZ OOV PAUPER." (I need to get a piece of paper)

Cute babe in overalls

One night Ben had something to do and I was trying to show him the naughty kid who was still up. Why is this kid in such a good mood?!

Speaking of not sleeping... Frank's been refusing to nap during church, then conveniently falls asleep on the way home... Stinker! Also, he always has a shiner on his head from running into something or falling down. Always!

Delaney loves this blanket made by her Grandma Dilsaver

School starts this week so summer vacation is officially over for us!


  1. Cute pictures. Dad said,"They are letting Delaney go to school? She is too little, they can't let her go to school." I said, "Well try to stop her. She turned 5 and I am sure she has a new backpack and she will be getting on that bus with Cheyenne when it pulls up to her house." It is kind of sad but what do you do? Mom

    1. I know she is so excited and won't stop talking about it. She's been writing "Thursday" over and over again (the day she starts). At least she will be the most darling school girl there is with her backpack on!!

  2. Those cupcakes are adorable!
    You live in such a pretty, peaceful area of the county!
    The pictures of Frank on the table are so so so cute.