Thursday, August 10, 2017

First Day

Cheyenne's first day was actually yesterday (kindergartners just met their teacher yesterday), so today is the first day the girls have gone together.

First day of first grade!

 First day of kindergarten!

Little less excited on the second day... lol! She woke up the wrong side of the bed this morning.

How can they let my freshly-turned-5-year-old go to all-day kindergarten?! Cheyenne was nearly 6 when she started so it was a lot easier to bear.

The first day of school is a slow motion day, where every tiny particle is recorded by your senses.

The sun is slanting long on the thick green grass. Have I never noticed what slant it takes at 8:00 in the morning?

All of the sudden I'm noticing way more rumbling diesel engines and air breaks than normal. Is this the break that will stop a yellow bus in front of my house and take away my girls?

Somehow the world seems to be turning more swiftly. Are those cars driving faster than normal? Do all the people outside of this house feel the energy that comes with the first day of school? Those grandmas in pajamas across the street, their children long gone. Do they feel it? It can't simply feel like any other day to them, can it?

This summer felt so short. When I was a kid, summer felt like an eternity and it was with much anticipation that, finally, school started again. I can't decide if summer vacation is actually shorter, or if I am simply older.

Finally, the bus arrives. My two girls walk on, hand in hand. They're beaming. Bright smiles, freshly packed backpacks, it will be a good day. Somehow, even though I did this last year, I still feel a piece of my heart is on that school bus and not in my body.

Here's hoping my heart returns to me in one piece!!


  1. Very tender. Kind of melancholy. Beautiful pictures, beautiful girls. They are so blessed to have each other. Do they go to the same school?

    1. Yes the same school. They are only a few classrooms away from each other, which is so comforting! They are lucky to have each other!