Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Delaney at 5

Delaney turned 5 this month!

Delaney loves to laugh. She finds humor in many many things. I can hear her little laugh in my mind after she's decided something is funny, a sly little giggle that turns into a full-out belly laugh. She's a favorite to many because she lives life by her own rules.

Delaney is sparkily, girly, and glittery. Delaney INSISTS on wearing dresses and hates pants. She loves high heels. She only wears shirts that contain some form of sequins. If she can't find the items she is looking for, she tells me there's "nothing beautiful to wear." If she has to wear pants or her hair is fixed a certain way, she tells me, frustrated, that "she looks like a man."

While she loves all things girly... she has a strange obsession with Halloween and scary things. She often finds Halloween books whenever we go to the library, and will ask her dad for "one more scary story."

She loves baby Frank, as all the kids do, but she especially loves to tell me how cute he is.

She LOVES toys. Playing with them, thinking about them, scheming to get her next one. She especially loves one with small parts (like Shopkins), which then leads to large, dramatic performances when she loses them 😉. She is constantly wondering how she can get a new one, or expecting you to buy one every time you leave the house. One time Ben gave the kids a choice: he could take them to a movie or he could buy them a new small toy for the same price. Delaney was the only one who opted for the toy and stayed home with me all afternoon, not even mad she missed the movie!

We sure will miss this bubbily ray of sunshine when she starts kindergarten next month!

She came up with this!


  1. I sure love this little girl. You can't look at this post without smiling the whole time. It is a little sad that she is going to kindergarten this year but she is so excited about riding the bus with Cheyenne you would hate her to miss it. We love you Delaney. Grandma

  2. She truly is a ray of sunshine. You are so blessed to have her.
    Grandpa Flake.