Monday, June 19, 2017

While You Were Sleeping

Last night was rough with the baby.
He'd gotten off his nap schedule and somehow decided to be up for half the night. Ben, the saint, took the brunt of it and now was off to work while Frank and I slumbered in our bed. The two of us were sleeping in a little.

The next time I opened my eyes there was a nymph by my bed, and a goblin sitting on top of the covers. "Hi Mom," Cheyenne smiles, eyes sparkling, standing next to me. "It's time to wake up now. I got Ephraim dressed," she says, pointing to the figure crouching on top of the bed. He's wearing a long sleeved Christmas shirt and a long pants, on this 90 degree day. "And I started the laundry. I put the soap in the right place and turned it on extra spin, just like you showed me. Then I brought the laundry upstairs and I started folding it. And I'm all ready for soccer camp. And I'm making some toast for me and Ephraim."


I'm not exactly sure where she came from. Heaven, I'm sure. But I'm absolutely certain her goodness didn't come from me or my "parenting" (probably in spite of it!). She did, however, forget to push the 'start' button on the laundry, so maybe she did get a little something from me.

But I can surely appreciate how darling she is!! That is a mother's job, after all. Here is her first 'vlog' and her very first selfie, complete with duck face. Neither Ben nor I could figure out how she knew how to take a vlog, but this morning it is evident she's proficient at figuring out a lot of things!

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