Monday, June 5, 2017

Kindergarten Bound

We went to Cheyenne's kindergarten celebration at the school where they sang a bunch of cute songs.
Our favorites included "Kindergarten's in the House Tonight" where they all raised the roof, and "A Tootie Tah" with some ridiculous actions. We've been singing it ever since: Bum out, feet apart, elbows back...A Tootie Tah! Kindergarten's fun.

Cheyenne absolutely loved kindergarten. With her teacher Mrs. Hillis (on the left).

I found this picture on the PTO page of Cheyenne's class practicing the "Tootie Tah" song with the school Resource Officer. What a joy elementary school is!

Later that night we went to Delaney's preschool graduation. The theme was "Under the Sea" which was super cute

The church's chapel has such a gorgeous view

Our girl

With her teacher, her beloved "Miss Andrea." She insisted on sitting by Miss Andrea's side as the program came to a close. Delaney's hat that's a little too big!

"Most Bubbly and Happy"

Kindergarten bound!

Pics from her slideshow. She was a darling baby and toddler!

This silly guy did a few numbers as well and dazzled us all with his cuteness!

My buddy during the program

Now all we have to show from preschool are these darling crafts on my wall. I'm pretty sure preschool crafts are some of the cutest things ever. One of my favorite parts about preschool is that they bring home cute crafts and I don't have to help!!

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