Monday, May 22, 2017

Frankie's 1st Birthday

Our sweet little Frankie turned 1!

Even though his birth was only one year ago it seems like a different lifetime. It's hard to imagine our life without our darling baby boy in it.

When you bring home a newborn baby you don't really know "who" is inside that little guy, and it's such a thrilling discovery experience to get to know them!

-Frank is SO SMILEY. He is such a happy, happy guy. Such a fun thing in a baby.

-He catches on quickly. Cheyenne was my earliest walker, but Frank was not far behind (just shy of 10 months).

-He is SO BIG. He weighs nearly 27 lbs!! My biggest baby by far. It's nice that he can walk so you don't have to carry him everywhere!

-He loves his siblings and loves interacting with them.

We had to have an abbreviated birthday party since we were all sick on the day of Frank's party. Some of us are still sick actually, I currently don't have a voice. It's hard to "mom" when you can't talk!

I couldn't let his birthday pass by without the traditional cake smash. His first time eating cake! He loved it! I made homemade funfetti cupcakes and they were so good!

We all sure love that little guy! So happy he's a part of our family.