Monday, May 15, 2017

Book Review: Rumor of the Year

I wanted to review a book I read recently in case any of you are looking for some light summer reading. I really liked it because it was interesting, captivating, and totally clean, which is not always easy to find!

Rumor of the Year is about six random people: a cowboy, his teenage nephew, a runaway, a famous female athlete, a barber, and a fun-loving restaurant owner who all happen to be in a small town restaurant at breakfast time. Something happens that causes their six souls to switch bodies. The book follows at an adventurous pace, and takes fantastical turns as they try to switch all of their souls back. Sounds interesting doesn't it?

It definitely has some "other-worldly" elements-- think A Wrinkle In Time. And it has the fast-paced, on-edge clip of a Hunger Games novel. It was also a quick read, only 200 pages. I finished it in less than 24 hours, but I thought it would be a fun read to take to a lazy day at the beach or while watching the kids at the park.

Ben was poking fun at me because I couldn't put it down (that also tends to be how I read novels, in one sitting if I could). The storytelling was terrific- the characters' backstories intrigued me like it was an episode of Lost or something, and the story line had so much suspense, excitement, and anticipation that I got lost in it and didn't want to put it down.

Now full disclosure-- my younger brother Dillon wrote this book and it's his first novel so it may not be perfect. But I must say I was quite surprised by his storytelling abilities. He definitely has a gift, it comes natural to him. He didn't ask me to write this review, I honestly only wrote it up because I thought it was interesting and fun to read, and that others might be looking for some light entertainment. The writing is also clear enough (and it's definitely clean enough) it would be fun to read together with one of your kids, I would say from a bright ten-year-old on up.

Another really fun element for those of you who know our family is that Dillon based it upon the small town that we grew up in in Idaho, so if you are familiar with the area you might recognize some of the landmarks! ;) Dillon is also a talented artist, and drew all the chapter heading art.

Dillon classifies his book as "science fiction" but don't let that turn you away (It would have turned me away, I was not initially interested in reading it). But when I stopped to think about it, there are plenty of stories that I've enjoyed that classify as science fiction: Planet of the Apes, Star Wars, The Twilight Zone, The X-Files, The Giver, Hunger Games, or A Wrinkle In Time. I can't speak for his future books, but this one I would call more of "fantasy" with some sci-fi elements. It was really the compelling story that kept me interested in the book, and the science fiction elements upped the ante on the plot so that you could never predict what might happen next.

You can check it out on Amazon here, and there's also a Kindle version. If you read it, be sure to leave a review (they won't let me because I'm family)! If you want to find out what happens to the characters, he's got a page on Facebook so you can hear when he publishes book 2 & 3 (this book will be the first part of a trilogy).

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  1. Good review. Thanks for taking the time for writing such a long one. Mom