Monday, April 24, 2017

March little things

This is McDonald's, if you were wondering

My brother Derek came to visit all the way from Arkansas. The first item of business was to get some donuts at 2am (the local donut shop opens up at 1am for some strange reason). I sent Derek this screenshot to get him excited on his drive!

 We checked out the Kelley Agricultural Museum which was really cool. They rebuilt this one room schoolhouse.

Fun to imagine what life would have been like back then!

The also have an old round barn-- I think round barns are an Indiana thing.

They rebuilt the WHOLE thing. It is very impressive!

They had an old cabin on the premises too. I loved the whole thing!

Cousins! Frank doing one of his favorite things-- digging in the trashcan! I forgot how messy the stage is once they can walk. Frank is getting into everything these days.

I took a few quick pictures for them. Come back again Derek & Clara!!

This picture perfectly describes Derek & Clara

This picture perfectly describes Clara's personality.

I read the kids scripture stories while we wait for the bus. We made it through the Book of Mormon Reader, and now the Old Testament Reader. The stories are often very powerful to me, like this one about Job. It was nice that we were in the New Testament Reader around Easter and got to talk about some of Jesus' miracles.

I made these delicious buttermilk rolls for a funeral luncheon.

We tried out these for our fish tacos. Ben loved them.

Had to celebrate when Delaney learned to do her "s" by herself!

  These kids love to make a total mess playing with the water in the bathroom sink. They got completely soaked, Ephraim is actually pantless in this picture. Sometimes when it's a long day, I pretend like I don't hear the gallons of water being splashed everywhere and just enjoy a couple of moments of peace!

We got a new couch!! Our "flower couch" we bought for $100 as newlyweds at D.I. in the "collectibles" section and we decided after 8 years it was time to retire it. When we bought it, as Ben was loading it into the truck some woman stopped him and said, "That's a beee-u-ti-ful couch!" We always laughed about that! Alas, it's time has come. The stuffing was coming out of it and it was ripped badly. Frank would try to eat the stuffing every time I put him on the couch! I must say I was not sad to part with it. Here is the last picture of it before it made it's way to the dump.

Since Frank and Ephraim share a room, sometimes when Frank wakes up early, Ephraim wakes up early. I took a picture of him on my bed, the flash was blinding his eyes.

Show-stopping sunrise out the girls' window in the morning!!

Had another round of sickness at our house

Just before Frank's 10 month birthday, he took his first steps. He's getting pretty good now!

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  1. Yay Frank!! Ugh he is so cute. I love all the everyday moments you captured. For some reason the picture of the bed with the early morning sunlight shining on it really touched me. The little things!