Tuesday, April 11, 2017

I love having four kids

I absolutely love the stage of life our family is in right now. I love having four kids. I love having my three 'big' kids that I can do things with, who see the joy in life, and then my baby in tow. My family life right now is so incredibly fulfilling. I just don't think I ever could have imagined the amount of joy family life would bring me.

I love seeing that baby smile light up the room. I love how all of my kids are excited about the future and the world is magical and fun to them. None of my kids have reached the age yet really where 'ordinary' stuff is boring to them or they are 'too cool.' I love being able to have most of my kids home with me. I love how they are close enough in age that they are all in similar stages and like the same things.

I love taking them to church and seeing them all lined up in a row. I love combing Ephraim's little three-year-old head and for him to tell me that he doesn't "yike it, Mom." I love watching four-year-old Delaney hold up her dress like a princess, every single Sunday as we walk into the chapel. I love conscientious Cheyenne coloring the program and telling me she wants to be reverent like the girl in the picture. I love seeing Ben holding Frank in his arms as I walk up, the last one to the bench herding my little chicks into the pew. Sometimes I am brought to tears thinking about this beautiful, beautiful life I am smack dab in the middle of.

I'm not trying to make it sound like I have some perfect little family and we don't have our struggles. We still have all the normal problems that come with having little kids-- kids who fight, temper tantrums, and cranky babies. And I still struggle some days enjoying where I am, doing what I do (don't all people?). But we've been through some stages that were really hard for me to enjoy (like the constant screaming/crying/whining when I had three babies), and I feel some trepidation for the unknown, the years ahead. So I'm just really grateful for where we are right now. The love and joy and happiness I experience often as a part of raising this family and being together. And I want it recorded right here, on this blog, so I can always look back and remember that I loved this. This was bliss to me, a gift to me from my Heavenly Father.

It can be a memory I can hold on to for years to come, no matter what that future looks like. That is the beauty of memories isn't it? No matter what is going on in your current life-- the pain, the hurt, the tears, the frustration, whatever it may be-- you can always look back and remember there was goodness there, and you did love it, and it was worth it. So that's what I'm doing today-- capturing this little ray of sunshine that is the present, and preparing it as a gift to myself in the future. God is good and he gives us so much! I'm so grateful!

This from my Facebook page yesterday. 3 ideas for being grateful right where you are.


  1. Absolutely love this. You will be so grateful you took time to record this, and at this stage of life. Everyone seems to talk about how they miss this stage of life, and how good it was. How hard it was, but how they would go back to it if they could. So way to enjoy the present!! The Plan just make so much sense, doesn't it?! Joy is found in the family. Ok and that first picture of Cheyenne and Frank-😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

    1. Thanks Carly, I absolutely agree. My own experience has taught me how much joy is found in the family. And Cheyenne and Frank are the cutest! Thanks for reading :)