Monday, April 3, 2017

Clifty Falls State Park

I love this!!

Delaney was mid-cough in every picture. Poor girl was sick her entire Spring Break!

Clifty Falls!

Three year olds are the best (Ephraim's expressions!)

Taken by Cheyenne with my good camera (!!!!)

The following photos were taken by Ben. Not half bad!

Cheyenne learned to do the monkey bars at the playground while we were there. I never could do them as a kid. But Ben tells me he used to have callouses on his hands from doing the monkey bars. I guess it's just more evidence she's like her dad!

Clifty Inn, where we stayed

We had Spring Break this week so we took a quick trip down to Clifty Falls State Park and stayed at one of the historic inns in the park (checked another one off our list!). 

I've written before about how important I think short family trips are. You don't have to save up a chunk of change, there's no "waiting until we can afford it." It doesn't even take up much of your time, we were gone 24 hours. And our kids being only 6, 4, 3, and 10 months, the length really helps keep to a minimum the crying, being out of their own beds, and off their schedules. Yes I love big trips, but little trips do make a difference in your centeredness, feeling refreshed, and the family togetherness you can feel on a daily basis. And they take so little planning! It wouldn't be hard to add one to your routine. Not every trip will be a home run, but the more often you go the more often you have the chance for that to occur!

Small efforts make a difference. Try it!

Also, can I just put in a plug for state parks? I know I'm pretty much a nerd when it comes to history/local government, but these resources were created for you. Your tax dollars pay to these parks to be maintained and they were meant as places for you to come and refresh and enjoy nature. With all the water parks, movie theaters, and super "fun" things we have nowadays, our state parks might not make it to the top of our "fun things to do" list, but please let it! The quiet might take some time to get used to, but it will do you good, I promise!


  1. What a fun getaway. You helped me feel validated in your explanation of long vs short trips (just got back from a long one and it took it out of us) that long trips can be good but also hard, and that short trips may be just what we need. I love that quote too - "clearer lens." What a pretty place!

    1. Can't wait to hear about your trip on your blog! I'd love to hear what your experience is if you end up going on a small trip. Spring has been really beautiful in Indiana this year.

  2. This looks SO fun! We love going to state/national parks with our kids, but my favorite are the foresty ones, and your weather looked PERFECT. We just can't believe those cool inns your state parks have. That is awesome!

    1. I know, the inns really make the trip. I forgot that you guys like state parks too! You guys are good about doing that kind of stuff with your kids, you are a good example to me.