Monday, March 13, 2017

Februrary little things

I had a lot of fun this month as I was trying to figure out how to visually represent "the middle" (for this post I wrote a while ago). I took this picture of a covered bridge that stands in a park here in town (it must have originally stood in Vermont?). This concept didn't make the cut, but it is a super cute covered bridge!

Imagine me not quite ready for the day after dropping Delaney off for preschool, with the boys buckled in the car in their pajamas, just so I could capture this beautiful morning light, one of my favorite times of the day. I'm a dedicated photographer I tell you! ;)

Another concept that didn't make it for "the middle" (turned out to be quite the creative challenge to figure out the right picture to take!). These trees are on our walk at a park near our house. Our kids love these two trees with the spot in between, and call it "the castle." It's quite magical actually.

I finally landed on flowers and started getting somewhere.

 the beauty of these pink roses never gets old to me

Speaking of beauty, we had a beautiful February. The weather as been warm, or at least sunny many days. I couldn't let this frost I saw out my bedroom window one morning go unphotographed. It looked like the ground was sparkling! So beautiful. Love that morning light.

 We've been having beautiful sunrises in the morning, where the whole sky is pink

And just as pretty sunsets at night

When I see the beauty of this world our Father has given us, I am instantly filled with gratitude. God is so good to us. What an artist our Father is! It's up to us to notice the beauty He places in front of us to enjoy everyday.

We did have a little snow this month (practically our only snowfall this whole winter!).
 My little friend and I went to explore it ;)

and fog. Fog is also pretty!

The dew descended on the fence and made it shimmer in the light!

We really were blessed with a beautiful February!

I also had fun trying to figure out how I wanted to visually represent tv watching for this post (I tell you, photography is such a rush!). If you take a photo of someone watching tv from the front, it can be disengaging since the subjects look so spaced out. I finally thought of this idea, because toes are too cute!

I thought this was funny. After school Cheyenne has "tablet time" where she works on some school games on the tablet checked out to her from the school. The other two love to watch her, but on this particular afternoon they both fell asleep watching! Cheyenne was sitting right in the middle of them ;).

We switched up our "kid area"-- a place in our house where we keep our kids' little table and they have craft supplies and books. I was getting a little terrified of Frank tipping that bookcase over on himself, since he pulls himself up on EVERYTHING.  It started out looking like this...
...and now it looks like this. I bought two of these and stacked them on top of each other. It's meant for toys, but it totally works for the plethora of books/paper/craft stuff my kids use daily. I have to say though, these bins don't live up to my woodworker husband's "furniture standards" (too bad he can't just quit his job and make furniture for me full time! ;)) but if you are okay with Ikea-type stuff, it's fine. I still have some organizational ideas for this area, so it's still a mess in the bins, but it at least looks better the 1,000 times I walk by it everyday, and it's safer for Frank.

We've been playing a lot of games lately when it's too cold to go outside. This is a fun magnetic tic-tac-toe game we have. We also have the bingo set that we like as well. Fun games!

This baby... I love him. He cuddles with me! He's so chunky and smiley, just one of the best parts of my life right now. Babies are so wonderful.

First time in the swing! He loved it!

These fresh chocolate chip cookies right out of the oven. I had to text a picture to my brother because, well, that's his favorite thing in the whole world. And when we lived by each other I would make them for him ALL the TIME. Sometimes when he would babysit my kids while I went to class, he would stay a little longer and I would run to the store to get chocolate chips just so he could enjoy some. Oh for the good old days Derek!!

Delaney's "take a picture of this and send it to Daddy." It's a play dough surprise egg. It actually is really cute. She's really into these swirly, multicolored pictures lately.

One morning while Delaney was at preschool. "You're not allowed to cross it Mom." A line of these magnets we have

Valentines Day. Ben has a lot of great qualities, but gift giving is not one of his strengths, so this is a really big deal. I'm so proud of him for trying, and he did a great job! God is good to us.

Sleepy boy in our bed.

Frank loves the front door, especially when the kids are outside playing.

Those little toes, chunky thighs, and chubby arms get me every time!!

A cool crown bun I did on Cheyenne one morning

Ben went to Germany for a work trip (and literally worked the entire time and had no time for sight seeing-- so I didn't get a single picture!) and I had to show him Frank's new tooth.

Frank usually likes to wake up for the day at 6am. Since Ben's an early bird he's the one to take care of him, but when he was out of town it was on me. He's actually not mad in this picture, just blinking from the flash. I sent this to Ben since it was noon where he was!

I had to document this. Being married to a woodworker, we always have scrap pieces of wood laying around. The kids love to take them in the house and turn them into phones or tablets. Can't you see the "apps" on this one? Pretty cute.

Went on a road trip to visit my sister Sarah while Ben was gone. We picked Cheyenne up from school and ate chicken pot pies in the car. It actually worked out pretty well.

Had a fun time with Sarah and her kids!

I was there too.

West Virginia is beautiful, this view from Sarah's living room window. It really is "wild" as their slogan says if you've never been there. SO many hills! Sarah's house (and basically all houses there) is on top of a small hill.

I taught Sarah a new way to curl her hair and she looked beautiful!
Last time Ben went to Germany I also got to visit my sister Heather, but I didn't get to this time since she lives all the way in Florida now. She was little jealous we were together, and would send us pictures, including one of her cute baby!!

We got a new Jesus picture for our living room. It's one of my favorites by Heinrich Hoffmann, this one is a close up of Christ from the painting "Christ and the Rich Young Ruler" I love that story in the Bible and it always reminds me to focus on what's really important in life. I love Christ's kind expression in this painting, he just exudes charity to me.
 I've had a deeper opinion about this paintings ever since I saw this exhibit.

I wish I could say my personal scripture reading sessions were longer and more intentional, but currently they aren't. I've had the habit in my current phase of life of finding little snippets of time and reading a few verses here and there throughout the day (I don't always intend for them to be snippets... seems like that just happens sometimes when you're the mom of little kids). Anyway, I'd been feeling like my efforts, while lackluster, where a little more lackluster than usual. So I decided to time those snippets and make sure they added up to 15 minutes each day. God really does take our little efforts and make them into something!! I've found now that I'm racing against the clock I end up reading for longer, and I end up taking more time to write down the thoughts that come to me rather than just trying to make it to the end of the chapter or something. It also helps that this week I was reading the account of Jesus' Beatitudes, which gives one so much to think about. I've had some really wonderful insights lately, God is so good! He really does care about your little efforts and wants to bless you!

 Delaney selfie

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