Friday, February 3, 2017

January little things

This month started out in beautiful snowy Utah for my sister's wedding. I was obsessed with these beautiful trees right outside my brother's hotel room window. So pretty.

Ben sent me cute pics of Frank while I was gone so I wouldn't miss him. In the airport, whenever I would tell people I left my husband home with our four kids, they were amazed and thought he should get a medal! He should!!

Denver airport. It's so weird traveling without your husband or children. I would like to say it's relaxing, but this trip in particular was so fast and so jam-packed (although fun!), I was just exhausted the whole time.

Some of you might know that my family loves emailing. Lately we've also taken to group texting/texting photos. As we were all traveling home from the wedding, many people were updating us on their drive from Utah to Idaho through a terrible terrible snow storm. I was fortunate not to have any weather, this photo on my drive home from the airport.

Ok a couple of really important things happened this month.
1. We got a piano!! For $100. They were practically giving it away!! It's our first family piano and I've started practicing again! Although I've taken lessons for many many years when I was young, unfortunately, I have ALWAYS been terrible at the piano. You won't hear me playing in public any time soon (or ever, probably. Even in my "prime" I don't think I ever played in public), but it's fun for me to practice and I hope to be able to play for our Family Home Evenings, and teach our children how to play so I don't have to--I'll sing instead ;).

I found the piano through one of those Facebook Garage Sale pages, and the very next day I had to head out to my sister's wedding. So Ben was so nice to find people from church THAT DAY that could come over and pick up the piano and bring it to our house. I really love that guy :) (and also, all those people who helped!!). We let the kids come out after we'd put them to bed to see their new piano!

2. Cheyenne lost her OTHER top tooth. She LOVES the way she looks. Oh to be a kid again!!

3. Frank figured out how to pull himself up. And does so every chance he gets.

4. At the beginning of the month he started "beached whale crawling" and did this all month long.

By the very end of the month he was actually crawling.

We've had an incredibly mild winter so far, but here's one of the few days it snowed, Cheyenne all ready for school and heading out to the bus.

Ben built four chairs when he made the kids' table, but had six mocked up originally, so over the Christmas break he finished building and painting the last two. They are so cute!

Sometimes I am a good mom and make my kids cute breakfasts. Most of the time they eat Cocoa Puffs.

I get antsy in the winter (am I the only one?) and feel the urge to clean, decorate, organize, and purge. I've cleaned out most of our closets, here was one I was working on.

One of the fruits of my labors from cleaning out closets was some of my old journals, which I wrote about recently. So fun to take a walk down memory lane.

This poor baby has been SO SICK this past week (as have I). Terrible cough and sore throat, and a really high fever. Have you ever heard a baby when they lose their voice? It sounds so sad! We've been missing our smiley, happy baby. Even the ladies at the doctor's office noticed ("He must be sick-- he's usually so smiley!"). Thankfully we are all on the mend around here.

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