Sunday, January 1, 2017

December little things

 Somebody's been learning how to crawl
 or do yoga, I'm not sure
 Although most of the time he prefers this pose, kicking his arms and legs and giving a look that says, "Why can't I move yet?"

 💗 these two. They are utterly ridiculous but totally adorable.

Ben went with Cheyenne one morning to "Wake Up With Western" at her school where she got to hang out with her dad and eat donuts. Any girl's dream!

Tried to capture this cool hair-do I did one day but I didn't remember until I was about to go to bed

I love it when he sticks out his tongue!

Ephraim was the cutest Christmas tree at his preschool program

Balloons are such easy entertainment for kids

I found a new way to hang up my kids' artwork! Pretty cute.

I'm #8 in the family! This ornament is to remind me of my place in our Flake family.

Mistletoe and half-done stockings. The kids actually loved the mistletoe and thought it was fun to "catch" someone under there!!

Cutest little gifts for the kids' preschool gift exchange

Cute felt banner my sister sent me

My brother used to work at a place that manufacturers candle warmers and this was a gift from him. So now I will think of him every Christmas!

Ephraim ate not one, but TWO of these beads. He is nuts!! Thankfully it went down, so he didn't choke.

Nobody puts baby in the corner!!
Adventures in crawling

I got to go to school with Cheyenne one day and help with Christmas crafts and have lunch with her.

Ben finished his workbench. It looks amazzzzing.

We went to Ohio for a fun Christmas sleepover with cousins.
Our cute cousins Jaylin and Natalie
 Our cute cousin Bentley

Ephraim loved the the sugar cookie frosting/fruit dip and would lick it right off the cookie when people weren't looking!

Natalie had some great pajamas

Cheyenne got some work boots for Christmas so now she can live her dream and be out with the cows like Jaylin. Here she checking out the baby Jerseys Christmas Eve morning.

Ben went on a (very cold!!) Boy Scout campout this past weekend
They went tobogganing at Pokagon

Their stops included Shipshawana and some really good Amish food

Somebody lost a tooth! She's got another one that is reeeaaallllyy close!

Beautiful sunset one night

Baby of the Year... he totally is!! The best baby!!

Video notes:
Ben and the Scouts went to this toboggan run in Northern Indiana
My spring roll recipe is loosely based on this recipe. We actually use store-bought peanut dipping sauce or sweet chili sauce.
Here is a link to the Little Bear books
Here is a link to my favorite Baboushka book
My kids were dancing around in their tutus because we were listening to this Mormon Tabernacle Choir song on repeat this Christmas.

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