Saturday, December 3, 2016


 Sometimes Indiana just kills me with how beautiful it is

These are from back in August, but somehow I missed posting them.

After Cheyenne started going to school all day these two realized they would make great playmates. It's been a little hard for Cheyenne and she feels a little left out. I'm sure it will all even out when Delaney goes to school next year. People always told me that having my kids close would make for easy playmates. It certainly does!

Kroger got a grocery pickup service... and I'm in heaven.

Too bad this one is blurry. Our kids love to take the oven mitts and pretend they are "monkey feet."

My youngest sister Cassidy got engaged!! So so happy! Jan. 7th!!

Ben went on a lot of campouts this month.

One little boy of ours was ELATED to see a combine in the field RIGHT behind our house. We sat and watched it like it was a sports game.

Beautiful fall leaves out our window

One time at the gym childwatch Frank peed out of his clothes but they didn't have anything big enough for him so they wrapped a t-shirt around him. Oh Frankie boy we love you so!

My two big boys. Frank trying out the cart (without a car seat) for the first time!

I am a fan of this guy. Post-bath pic.

King Baby!

Ok this is too cute. Also, evidence of Cheyenne's beautiful handwriting.

Driving to my sister Sarah's for Thanksgiving this year! My brother Derek also drove over from Arkansas (12 hours)! Such a fun party!!

Wild, Wonderful West Virginia!

Cheyenne turned 6 ON Thanksgiving this year. It reminded me of her 1st birthday when the same thing happened (next time it will be her 12th birthday!). My sister Sarah thought of a great way to make her birthday special-- celebrate it in the morning before the big dinner with a donut cake! She loved it.

We went on a fun hike while we were at Sarah's for Thanksgiving

Love these people

I love when the ground is covered in a leaf blanket. I don't understand why everyone feels the need to rake them up and put them in bags. I think leaves completely covering the ground has its own kind of beauty!

For you, Clara! We found her favorite childhood slide at this playground in the park. It was only slightly terrifying and Ephraim could have fallen off the side of it several times. Now I know why they don't make slides like that anymore!

Derek and Clara's pregnancy announcement. She has a 'bun in the oven.'

I am a fan of this boy too, Derek & Clara's little boy Tom.

With Sarah's cute Norah

Warning: baby overload


My brother Derek and I with our babies (Thomas weighs only two lbs. more, although he is 7 months older).

I included all of these in case you wanted to keep one Derek. Cute family.

Movie notes:
-Ben took two of the pie face ones in slo-mo but they were too long so I had to speed them up, but the sound still sounds funny.
-I used this recipe for the homemade hot chocolate (just enough for my small children. I made another batch because they loved it so much)
-A few of the books we loved:
Mr. Tiger Goes Wild by Peter Brown
The Snowy Day by Ezra Jack Keats
Where's My Darling Daughter? by Mij Kelly
King Baby by Kate Beaton

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