Tuesday, December 13, 2016

My Love

I've written before about how, as a young girl, I once believed the romance and attraction shown in movies was reserved for especially good looking people, or people with "fairytale" love stories. I must say that part of that childhood belief included that as you got older, that romance wore off. I'm happy to say that romance never really dies-- and there are always things worth swooning over in your spouse-- no matter how un-fairy-like your story is or how old and bent out of shape you become. I have many more years left in this life with my love, and I hope to always cultivate an attitude of gratitude, of seeing the romance, with each passing year.

He still makes me laugh. I love the way he can take something serious and make it light. I love his hearty chuckle, his playfulness.

I still can't help but run my fingers through his hair after it's been cut, or look twice when he gets dressed up for church. He's still handsome to me.

I'm still amazed by how strong he is. Those same arms that can haul heavy sheets of wood to his workshop with ease can still gently hold me as we drift off to sleep.

I love to see his gentleness with our children. The way he lovingly scoops them up after a long day at work, and piles them all on to his lap. "We need a bigger chair!" He tells me.

I love his "no frills" love for me. Always steady, always constant. He is loyal. He's not a man of many words, and not much for expressing himself, but I can feel his love when he is around. It's so different from my femininity. He is manly and stoic, I'm attracted to that.

Sometimes I wake up cold in the night, and I realize I've rolled away from him. As I scoot in closer to Ben I wrap my arms around him and whisper in his ear, "You are the man of my dreams."

He's not perfect, no man is, but there's so much to admire in people when you look for it. Neither am I perfect. I don't always choose to see what I have, but tonight, and most nights, I choose gratitude. I love my wonderful Ben.

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