Monday, October 24, 2016

Spring Mill State Park

We inadvertently stayed at two of the Indiana state park inns on our last two vacations. At our second one, we found out there are actually seven in the state, and Ben thought it would be fun if we tried to visit all of them. So! We have a new goal, we are excited about it. And we love the state parks! Here is the third one we've visited: Spring Mill Inn (we've also been to Turkey Run and Potawatomi).
All the inns we have stayed at have been so cozy-- built in the 1930's, they have big central fireplaces for gathering, and the traditional colonial grilled windows. Each one is also unique. This one had an indoor/outdoor swimming pool (you could swim to the outside pool through the water from the inside pool!)

It was a beautiful fall day!

We were totally enchanted by the (still working!) grist mill.
The aqueduct fed the water right into the mill.

They also have caves you can only reach by boat (and we were a week late for the season on that), so we can't wait to go back again!

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