Monday, October 3, 2016

September little things

We went to the apple orchard with Delaney's preschool again this year. It is seriously just the quaintest little thing, with this cute family farm house right on the orchard.

These two started preschool

Pre-K... next year she'll be in kindergarten. So crazy to me.

Ephraim is only two (almost three) so his is only twice a week for an 1 hr. 45 mins. He thinks it's so cool that he goes to "school."

First day of preschool Steak-n-Shake (a tradition)!

From the school's PTO facebook page, Cheyenne in the library at school

Cheyenne's class went on a field trip to the hospital. She thought the "toys" they gave her were so fun!

 One Sunday on our way home from church we saw this antique car show was at the park by our house so we stopped to see some of their stuff

Back in school again... I'm taking one class online. It's actually an 8-week "intensive" class so it's almost over. It's been a really really great class, I've learned a lot.

Ben is really focused at work, and sometimes I think I'm really funny

Snapping with Cassidy

This kid is getting so big

A picture I sent Ben for some reason

Another day, another piece of burnt toast. #whydokidsalwayschangethesettingsonthetoaster

A picture I sent my brother trying to convince him to call us (I'm still waiting, Derek!!).

 First of the tear-stained homework! Ohhh, sad!

One of those, "Mom, take a picture of me!"

One night Ben had to head straight from work to mutual (our church's youth group). I had to send him this text to let him know what he was missing out on! Fish tacos-- yum!

 Ben and I like to go on dates with our third wheel. Also, our dates always end at Menards (a place kind of like Home Depot). Life when you're married to someone who loves woodworking! (Ben's currently building a work bench out in his shop)

Sometimes it's a pancake-kind of morning!

When we were growing up, we used to have big, fancy Sunday dinners complete with (many times) a two layer cake (from a cake mix)! I was telling my kids this and they thought it was the coolest thing. We can't really eat a big old two layer cake with our small family, so I tried this out one Sunday. It was great!

4 months old.. time to try rice cereal! He gobbled it up

Love love love this building and the peace and comfort I find there

When you take your baby to his 4-month-old check-up and find out he weighs almost 19 lbs. you have no choice but to take this picture.

If you were wondering what Christopher Lloyd and the parrot from Aladdin were up to these days, look no further. They do voices for the PBS Kids show Hacker (one of my kids' favorites).

Maybe I am late on the bandwagon (?) but I LOVE these new hair ties I found. No more saggy ponytails! They are a lot different than a regular hair tie.. kind of the consistency of a wristband.

"I want it gold with birds and flowers" I found this in my kids' toys one day... we must watch too much Johnny Lingo on Sundays!

 As you can imagine, he's really popular with the ladies. He smiles for everybody!

Somebody learned to roll over!

I got our family motto put up on the wall! It looks really really good, right by our kitchen table. I'm hoping to put a bunch of family photos around it... you'll see more of this later!

Sometimes people apologize to me when they find out I moved to Indiana from Utah. "Utah is so pretty! Those mountains!" While Utah certainly is pretty, I think Indiana has it's own kind of beauty. Loved this view, and that blue blue sky, out my window this morning.


  1. You are such a great mom! Aren't the little things in life the best? Thanks for always making me feel uplifted when I read your blog. You are also very motivating which I love. I also must be super baby-hungry because I cannot get enough of Frank. I especially love the pictures of him at the doctor's office. SO CUTE!

    1. Thank you for always commenting Carly! I really appreciate it. You brighten my day!